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Best Blanched Almond Recipes

Best Blanched Almond Recipes

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Top Rated Blanched Almond Recipes

Smooth, garlicy, and creamy: This chilled ajo blanco soup is perfect for hot summer days.This recipe is courtesy of Epicurious.

Grated lemon peel brings out the flavor of almonds in a moist filling of a sandwich cookie-like cake. This recipe was the grand prize winner of the Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest in 1982. Recipe courtesy of Pillsbury. Every other winning recipe from the Pillsbury Bake-Off.

Everyone will love this gluten-free cherry-blueberry crumble, made from fresh ripe fruit and topped with a large scoop of whipped cream.

This cake is epic! It stays moist for days and taste like a lighter version of pound cake.

Most honey cake recipes include coffee, I left it out of this one to simplify the recipe and make it a couple of steps easier.My husband loved this cake — as you can see from the photo, a large piece has been devoured. And a friend said it was the best honey cake she had ever eaten, gluten-free or not; however, I'll let you all be the judge of that!See all cake recipes.

It is difficult to make Christmas pudding in small batches – it just doesn’t seem right – so make plenty and give extras away as presents. This recipe makes enough for two large basins but you can make whatever size you want. Only the cooking times will vary. I usually make the puddings in September and store it in a dark cool place or in the fridge until Christmas. They can, however, be kept for a year if refrigerated."The flavours of Matusalem Sherry are so intense it is almost like drinking Christmas pudding – not a wine for glugging. Surprisingly, Port is a good match for the pudding and you can carry on drinking it with the Stilton afterwards “à l’Anglaise”. But at home we usually have Sauternes – à la Française!