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Where to Get a Beer in Nashville

Where to Get a Beer in Nashville

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Two breweries and one beer emporium that will blow your mind

Sure, you can hit up the dive bars and Honky Tonk Row to grab a beer — or, you can put down the domestic beer and hit up beer havens dedicated to Nashville brews. The best of the local breweries (and beer emporiums) in Nashville:

Yazoo Brewing Company

A local brewer whose brew house is located on Division St. The taproom is open Wednesday through Saturdays and you can often find one of Nashville’s many food trucks in the parking lot serving dinner. Brewery tours are available on Saturdays.

910 Division St.; Nashville, Tenn. 37203

Jackalope Brewing Co.

This craft brewery is an active member of the Nashville community, making great beers for the local Nashville bar and restaurant scene. Brews include Rompo, a red rye ale, Thunder Ann, an American pale ale, and Bearwalker, a maple brown. The taproom is open for people to come drink and learn about the brews, on Thursday – Saturday from 4 p.m. – 8 p.m. and Sunday from noon - 4 p.m.

701 Eighth Ave. S.; Nashville, Tenn. 37203

Flying Saucer Draught Emporium

Don't let the fact that there's more than 12 locations in six states. (If you mention the word "chain" around them, you may as well get a beer in your face!) This family of brew pubs, including one in Nashville, boasts an abundant selection of more than 200 craft beers with as many as 80 of those brews on tap. That means many as 20 of those taps are dedicated to local breweries, allowing for customers to enjoy and support brewers in their area. Loyal customers, or true beer lovers, also love participating in the Saucer's UFO Club, which allows members (called "Beerknurds" ) to track the beers they've sampled. After tasting 200 different beers — with no repeats — they receive a plate in the Ring of Honor, which hangs on the walls of the Saucer for all to see.

111 10th Ave. South, #310; Nashville, Tenn. 37203

Where to Get a Beer in Nashville - Recipes

Hey craft addicts. I am still alive. Besides, who reads beer blogs when you have social media? The reason I came out of hibernation it to announces that Bells is now in Tennessee! As a Midwest native who has been drinking craft beer since 1990, I could not be more excited.

Many thanks to Curt and staff at Bounty Bev for landing them. My wallet is about to be a lot lighter.

As we speak, there are 14 taps on at 5 Points Pizza in East Nashville. There is a launch party at Craft Brewed at 5pm (I will be there with my Bells shirt). Tomorrow there is a tap takeover at 12 South Taproom.

For more information on launch week, visit this Facebook page here

Now back to work. I am drooling on my keyboard as I think about a Fresh Two Hearted Ale that awaits me.

Tailgate Beer Taproom Grand Opening - Feb. 7

I have been watching the progress of the Tailgate Beer Tasting Room and it appears that they are ready to go. Not only will they have their own beers on tap, they have several local and regional beers as well. About 20 taps in all. It's definitely worth your time to check it out.

They will be open 12-11pm. There will be brewery tours throughout the day, along with performance from local artists. Sadly I have to work, but I may be able to swing by later in the evening.

Address is 7300 Charlotte Pike, Nashville Tennessee 37209.

12 Percent Imports To Land in Nashville!

Hey craftheads! I am out of hibernation! To be honest, this blog is really more of a landing page/directory. Unless I want to post articles that agitate beer drinkers in order to get click revenue, there is no purpose for a traditional style beer blog. Social media gets the news out before I can get to the keyboard. So make sure all of you followers are in the facebook groups Nashville Beer Geek and Nashville Craft Beer Aficionados.

I have some exciting news from my good fried Shea Pearsful, who is the portfolio manager at Delerium Wine and Spirits. Yes folks, 12 Percent Imports is coming to the Nashville area. That means we will be getting Against the Grain, Stillwater,Evil Twin, Off Color, Omnipollo Tilquin, Hoften Dormal, and Local Option. And yes, Shea will be working hard to get allocations for limited releases. Look for this stuff to start hitting shelves Thursday.

There will be two tap takeover events coming soon, so check the facebook group for update. There will be a 12 tap takeover at Hop Stop, and a 6 tap takeover at 12 South Tap Room.

Our beer scene continues to grow and thrive thanks to all of you craft addicts.

Since I want to keep my liver, I decided that I wouldn't get a drink at every bar and I would also split my visits up over the four-day festival. One cool thing is most of the bars are multi-level and a lot of them have rooftops, giving you a great view of the city. Oh, and none of them charge cover fees! The following 15 bars are my favorite, based on atmosphere, uniqueness, music, and service.

^Some of my hand stamps for proof I am a true bar hoppin' fool!

I’d Like All My Beer in a 54-Ounce Bottle From Now On

It’s not that I don’t like drinking beer—I just don’t like the way we drink beer in America most of the time. There’s something inherently lonely about a standard 12-ounce can or bottle it’s a solitary thing, a single serving of booze tailored to the individual. Taste aside, I think that’s why I’ve found myself gravitating toward wine more and more. A bottle of wine demands to be shared, to be decided upon and poured and consumed by a group, and feels all the more convivial for it. Sharing is caring, after all!

There are exceptions to this, of course. A pitcher of Bud Light split between friends at a bowling alley, say, or the fancy small batch ale in a 750-ml bottle meant to be cellared and sipped and savored. But the most notable and delightful exception I have come across recently was at Babo, a Korean bar in Nashville, where a whopping 54-ounce bottle of Hite is the order of the day. I was at the bar with friends at the end of a long night of eating and drinking in Music City, and tasked with grabbing another round when I spied it on the menu. I almost did a double-take—I mean, I’ve had my share of 40s in my day, but 54 ounces?? I placed my order and returned to the table with a massive, ice-cold, plastic screw-top bottle of South Korea’s answer to Budweiser, four lilliputian glasses, and a goofy, triumphant grin on my face. Now this was living!

Many months later, I asked Tim Song, one of the owners of Babo, about the Big Boy Beer, and he told me about how Korean drinking culture is all about sharing and togetherness, and that they put larger format drinks on the menu to help facilitate that particular style of convivial boozing.

Turns out, that night we Did It Right. We passed the Hite around, pouring for one another with two hands and giggling about how much the squishy bottle felt like a two-liter of Sprite. Toasts were made, glasses were refilled, plates of fiery kimchi and juicy housemade dumplings were devoured. And before we knew it, our Large Adult Son of a beer was empty. We looked at our watches, and then at each other, and decided that we had time to share one more big bottle. Now that’s a way of beer drinking I can get behind.

Chocolate Oatmeal Stout

Cook Time: 3 Hours

Total Time: 4 Weeks


6 lb Pale 2 row
.5 lb Chocolate Malt
.25 lb Roasted Barley
5 oz Crystal 80L
.5 lb Flaked Oats

.5 lb lactose sugar @ 10 min
2 oz cocoa powder @ 15 min
2 oz cocoa nibs
2.5 oz bourbon

.25 oz Nugget @ 60 min
.5 oz Willamette @ 30 min

Safale US-05, 1 packet, no starter or re-hydration.


Please note, this is a simplified explanation of the brewing process. I highly recommend reading through the BIAB forum for more thorough instructions regarding this method.

Bring 4 gallons of water plus 2 cups to 152 degrees F in a large pot. Turn off heat. Secure grain bag around edge of pot and slowly pour in milled grain and stir. Hold water temperature at 152 degrees F for 75 minutes, checking temperature with thermometer and turning heat back on in short intervals to maintain temperature if necessary.

Remove the grain bag, give it a squeeze, and let as much liquid drain back into the pot as possible. Bring the liquid (wort) to a rolling boil uncovered, and add the .25 oz of Nugget hops. Set a timer for 60 minutes. When there is 30 minutes left in the boil, add the .5 oz of Willamette hops. At 15 minutes to go, add the cocoa powder, and then the lactose sugar when there is 10 minutes left in the boil. Total boil time is 60 minutes.

At the end of the boil, remove pot from heat, place sanitized lid over the pot, and cool to 65 degrees F. You can place the pot in a bath of cool water, or use special equipment made for cooling wort. When the wort has cooled, transfer to a sanitized carboy or fermentation bucket. Aerate the wort by vigorously shaking the carboy for five minutes, pitch yeast, and seal with an airlock.

As the beer begins to ferment, place the cocoa nibs in the bourbon and allow to soak for 4 days. Once primary fermentation is complete (3-5 days), add the nibs and bourbon to carboy and allow fermentation to reach final gravity.

When the fermentation is complete, you have the option of either kegging the beer, or allowing the beer to condition in bottles.

All images and text © Lindsay Landis / Love & Olive Oil

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Southern Fried & Fire Roasted

Here at Waldo’s, we try not to take ourselves too seriously. We are, however, very passionate about great food and great service. Waldo’s is simply all about chicken, and we’re cookin’ it up two delicious ways for you: Southern Fried and Fire-Roasted.

You can also enjoy our chicken in a variety of ways: On the Bone, On the Bun, In a Basket, or In a Bowl. Toss in some of our homemade sides, any of our eight original sauces, and signature cheese biscuits, and you’ve found yourself a new favorite chicken spot.

One very important follow-up: you’ve gotta wash all that tastiness down with something, right? And what goes better with chicken than beer? With tons of beers available both in cans and on tap, we’ve built an impressive selection of local, regional, and imported brews.

Where to Get a Beer in Nashville - Recipes

This is a cozy bar with a great selection of beers. There are 50 taps and a wide selection of other beer in bottles and cans. This is a bar with pool tables, darts and enough TV's to keep you up to date on the game. A fun place to relax with a good brew and enjoy a group of friends.

2 - 6 of 68 reviews

While Beer Sellar has nice atmosphere and large selection of beers. The negative to this bar is that it was very smoky.

I loved this place! Hidden gem that is 6ft underground. Which in Nashville in July means it’s seriously cooler than any other bar. Great selection of beer and booze! Super reasonable prices on everything and you get a beer chip for every beer you order $5.50 and under! Darts, pool, and foosball! Cellphone charging stations in multiple places and I loved that you can smoke inside! They have fan air filters too so it doesn’t smog up. I loved the chill atmosphere and low key vibe compared to the rest of the tourist places! Can’t wait to go back

Several people recommended this place to me since I’m a beer lover. They do have a ton of beer choices and kind of a cool atmosphere but if you are not a smoker, I wouldn’t put this on my list. I knew as soon as I walked in that this place allows smoking but my Midwest nice got the best of me and we quickly had one beer. If you don’t mind cigarette smoke, it has a great beer selection.

We found this place on Untapp'd,as a Verified Venue for beer. Yes, it is slightly off the beaten track and yes it's not a tourist-trap but we really enjoyed our time in here. The guy behind the bar really knew his stuff and gave us some great recommendations when we were choosing our beer - we had quite a few rounds in the end and we'd only called in for one! It's not flash or fancy but it is a great atmosphere, nicely busy but not jam-packed. We were easily able to find a seat at the bar and stay there. It was great that everyone got ID'd before any drink orders were taken. As some others have pointed out, you can smoke in bars in Nashville and this was no exception, but due to the large space it wasn't so noticeable. Prices were very reasonable as well. Highly recommended.

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Bars and restaurants serving alcohol in Nashville can stay open later and allow more customers beginning early Friday morning, as the city’s COVID vaccination rate led to a new public health order.

An update provided Wednesday by Mayor John Cooper revealed 23% of residents in Nashville and Davidson County had received at least the first dose of a coronavirus vaccine.

Cooper announced earlier in the month that some restrictions would be eased one week after the city reached a vaccination rate of 20%.

Beginning at 12:01 a.m. Friday, Mayor Cooper said bars and restaurants serving alcohol can stay open until 2 a.m., with a socially-distanced capacity of 175 patrons per floor. There is also no longer a percentage cap on capacity at bar counters, as long as social distancing is practiced.

The maximum size of indoor dining parties has increased to ten people, while outdoor dining parties can have up to 25 people. Groups of ten are authorized to attend museums and other attractions, while attendance at sports leagues and scholastic events allows four people per participant.

The changes also allow 75% capacity at gyms and pools, as well as the opening of saunas. Salons and personal contact businesses can operate at full capacity with masks required.

When Nashville reaches a 30% vaccination rate, Mayor Cooper said another public health order will take effect approximately one week later, allowing for 225 per floor at bars and restaurants serving alcohol, as well as an outdoor stadium capacity of 40%.

  • Indoor gatherings limit increases to 10 people (currently 8 people) without Health Department approval required.
  • Bar & restaurant capacity: Socially distanced, cap of 175 people per floor (currently 125)
    • Bar counters: Maintain social distancing no capacity percentage cap.
    • Restaurant and bar hours extended to 2:00 a.m. (currently 1:00 a.m.).
    • “Transportainment” can have groups up to 25, consistent with 25-person outdoor gathering limit.
    • Indoor gatherings limit increases to 15 people without Health Department approval required.
    • Bar & Restaurant Capacity: Socially distanced, cap of 225 people per floor.
    • Increasing indoor dining party size to 15 people, consistent with 15-person indoor gathering size guidance.
    • Large, low-risk indoor conventions can have up to 3,000 people with Health Department approval 225 for very high-risk events.
    • Outdoor stadium capacity at 40 percent.
    • Attendance at sports leagues and scholastic events: 6 people per participant

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    Eat Like a Country Superstar with Luke Bryan's Beer Can Chicken!

    Chef Tomasz Wosiak made Beer Can Chicken from the menu at Luke Bryan's downtown restaurant and bar, Luke's 32 Bridge, which is located at 301 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37201. For more information, visit or call (740) 341-6205.

    One 2.5 to 3 lb whole chicken (farm raised)

    3 Tbsp Jason Aldean’s BBQ Rub (can be purchased at Jason Aldean’s gift shop and online soon!)

    4 cans 12 oz local craft beer

    Remove neck and giblets from chicken and discard. Rinse chicken inside and out.

    In properly sized container, pour 3 cans local beer and 2 Tbsp Kosher salt. Place whole chicken in container and marinate for 24 hours (marinade can be used up to two times before replacing).

    Take chicken from marinade, let stand for 1 to 2 minutes, and rub chicken lightly with vegetable oil. Then, rub inside and out with remainder of salt, pepper and Jason Aldean’s dry rub. Set aside.

    Open remaining beer can and pour out or drink 4 oz of liquid. Place beer can on solid surface. Grabbing a chicken leg in each hand, plunk the chicken cavity over the beer can. Transfer the chicken-on-a-can to a cookie sheet tray and place in center of the convection oven, balancing it on its two legs and the can like a tripod.

    Cook the chicken at 350 degrees in the oven with the fan on high for 45 to 50 minutes or until internal temperature reaches 165 degrees. Remove from the oven and let rest for 10 minutes before carving.

    10+ Nashville Hotspots You Have to Visit on Your Next Trip to Tennessee

    Including where to get the best biscuits and fried chicken!

    It may be known for its country music, cowboy boots, and fried chicken, but Nashville has so much more to it than meets the eye. Bookmark these finger-lickin' good restaurants, famous bars, and stunning places to stay so you have them handy for your next trip down south.

    These updated takes on some of Nashville's classic fare should nab the top spot on your restaurant bucket list.

    Named after chef Jonathan Waxman&rsquos mother, Adele&rsquos turns comfort food up a notch. Its atmosphere is truly memorable whether you&rsquore fixated on the large open kitchen, or marveling at the beauty of the outdoor garage-like space, Adele&rsquos has an inviting aura that&rsquos sure to impress.

    With a James Beard-award-winning chef and daily menu updates, Husk is always on the cutting edge. But their motto, &ldquoIf it doesn&rsquot come from the south, it&rsquos not coming through the door,&rdquo speaks to their dedication to honoring the local ingredients their region has to offer.

    Pinewood Social
    Soak in the cool-factor at Pinewood Social. It&rsquos the perfect place to get some work done, bowl a round, or have a meal with friends (and their can't beat-cocktails go with any of the above). Saturday and Sunday brunch is a must&mdashdon't forget to order the world-class buttermilk biscuits!

    If Southern comfort food is what you're after, try these perennially popular Nashville eateries.

    Hattie B&rsquos Fried Chicken
    This casual, counter-service eatery is a Nashville staple. Don&rsquot let its down-and-dirty feel stop you from tasting the best mild-to-very-spicy fried chicken in town. Grab a local brew and hang out on the porch to really immerse yourself in the local scene.

    Biscuit Love
    Head over to Nashville&rsquos Gulch area for some seriously delicious biscuits. With humble beginnings as an airstream food truck, Biscuit Love now boasts around-the-corner lines almost every day. They also serve up other tasty breakfast options, if you're not craving their namesake dish.

    It&rsquos always southern-family cooking at Monell&rsquos. This Germantown spot has big tables with family-style shared plates. If you&rsquore looking for true southern foods like grits, sausage, and skillet fried chicken, this is the place.

    Grab a beer with the locals downtown, or get out of the hustle and bustle for a quiet afternoon. Whatever vibe your vacation needs, Nashvillle has you covered!

    Visit the Country Music Hall of Fame
    Boasting the largest collection of bluegrass artifacts in the world, this place celebrates all of the country music greats. Another must-see is the sister museum Hatch Show Print, a historic letterpress shop conveniently located inside the Hall of Fame.

    Hit Lower Broadway
    It&rsquos called the &ldquoHonky Tonk Highway&rdquo for a reason: The downtown/lower Broadway neighborhood is always bustling! This is the spot to throw on a pair of cowboy boots and practice your line dancing. Some of the most popular dives are Acme Feed and Seed, Tootsie&rsquos Orchid Lounge, and Robert&rsquos Western World.

    Belle Meade Plantation
    Coined the &ldquoQueen of Tennessee&rsquos plantations,&rdquo Belle Meade invites guests to come marvel at a piece of history. Created as an educational not-for-profit, this remarkable antebellum-style estate still has bullet holes in its framework from the Civil War. A tour is highly recommended and the guides dress in period costumes. The best part? There&rsquos an on-site winery for after you&rsquove had your fill exploring.

    You can't go wrong with one of these Nashville hotels that range from classy and chic, to cool and kitschy.

    The Hutton Hotel
    Set in the city&rsquos West End neighborhood, this four-star, four-diamond hotel does not disappoint. The Hutton is equipped with elegantly appointed suites, a delicious on-site restaurant, and a complimentary shuttle to take you around the city.

    Urban Cowboy Nashville
    This eight-suite bed-and-breakfast in a mansion in East Nashville is a rustic dream come true. With claw-foot bathtubs, exposed brick, reclaimed wood, and funky wallpaper, you may be tempted to stay in your room for the whole trip.

    Thompson Nashville
    If you&rsquore looking for a boutique experience, the Thompson is your best bet. Nestled in the Gulch, the Thompson is a central, luxurious, and comfortable place to crash.

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