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Tax-Friendly Wines to Help You Celebrate (or Mourn) Tax Day

Tax-Friendly Wines to Help You Celebrate (or Mourn) Tax Day

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Whether you’re getting a refund or you’re paying the government today, you’ll need wine to celebrate or drown your pain. We thought we’d distract you from the possibility of taxes by introducing you to wineries you may not have considered, chosen by us based on the level of state taxes their residents pay.

Zero State Income Tax

People living in Washington, Texas, Florida, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Alaska don’t pay state income tax and they all, believe it or not, have wineries. Most interesting to us is that Alaska is a producer. A few wineries there make fruit wine, but ALASKA DENALI WINERY makes grape wines, including a riesling ice wine.

Affordable Wine From a Zero-Tax State

WOODINVILLE WINE CELLARS Sauvignon Blanc 2011 (Columbia Valley, Wash.) $18

This medium-bodied, creamy white with citrus flavors pairs well with paying taxes.

Highest State Tax Rate

If you live in Oregon, Hawaii, or Vermont, you feel it the most in your paycheck each week, as these states have the highest income tax rates. It’s likely you’re familiar with Oregon wines, but did you know Vermont and Hawaii produce wine, too?

It’s true: Hawaii has more to offer than glorious beaches, luaus, and life-altering sunsets. The state has a few commercial wineries as well. The aptly named, VOLCANO WINERY on the Big Island produces wine from the symphony grape, which they describe as a cross between muscat of Alexandria and grenache gris. The winery also makes guava wine and other fruit wines.

Affordable Wine From a High Tax State

LANGE Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2011 (Willamette Valley, Ore.) $24

Lange is known for its high-end pinot noir, but this fruit-forward offering with a bit of spice is a more affordable way to enjoy wine from the region and winery and will help get your through the trip to your accountant.

Lowest State Tax Rate

The lowest state income tax in the country is a nice reality for those residing in Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. Bucks County, Pa., is a lovely drivable weekend retreat from either Philadelphia or New York. Its wine trail is a scenic way to spend an afternoon.

Affordable Wine From a Low Tax State

TIGER MOUNTAIN VINEYARDS Rosé 2011 (Georgia) $15

Georgia’s Tiger Mountain Vineyards in the Blue Ridge Mountains has been recognized by critics and has picked up a couple of awards as well. This rosé is perfect post-taxes to prep you for the summer days about to arrive, and is priced right for tax time.

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Sangria is a mixed alcoholic drink from Spain. The color of sangria depends on the wine. Red sangria is made with red wine, and white sangria with white wine.

There are several regional variations of sangria, so ingredients vary. In addition to wine, traditional sangria may contain:

  • Fruit juice, typically such as orange juice
  • Sweeteners such as simple syrup, agave nectar or sugar
  • Sparkling water
  • Fruit, such as sliced oranges, and chopped pineapple, peaches, nectarines, apples, or pears
  • Flavored liqueurs, fruit schnapps, brandy, or cognac.

16 Best Rosé Wines to Celebrate Summer

This summer, we drink pink with the best rosé brands.

Once it's open window season, you're probably also ready to trade earthy, tannic reds for lighter, more sprightly rosé wines. But just because it's pink doesn't mean rosé wine doesn't have just as much complexity and pairing power. Rosé wines can vary widely in intensity and sweetness, and great varietals come from just about every wine region in the world. The most popular rosés have the crispness of a white with a little of the same fruity richness you love from your favorite red. Serve them cold or lightly chilled for the most refreshing glass (or even in a homemade popsicle). Rosé pairs beautifully with everything from grilling recipes to fish to cheese platters, fruit, and those big summer salads.

Most of the rosé we chose to feature here errs on the dry side, although each bottle has its own unique standout flavors and aromas. Some of them come in both sparkling and still varieties, and others are all bubbles. We also included a few canned options because it's summer and portability is key. While your rosé-drinking days might look a little different this year, we've got plenty of options to make sure what's in your glass feels great, no matter where you're drinking it.

This light, crisp rosé pairs perfectly with summer &ndash it's right in the name. With strawberry, melon, and citrus flavors, try pairing it with seafood, salads, or all by itself.

Take a walk on the Italian side with this ruby-red rosé made from Puglia's Negroamaro grapes. It has a juicy, fruity flavor with a body that's almost as rich as a red, with a lovely floral aroma. It tastes great with summer pastas.

Not only is the bottle beautifully 'grammable, this pale pink rosé has a delicate rose, cherry, peach, and strawberry taste. It's crisp, slightly acidic, and easy-drinking enough for an afternoon picnic.

This beautifully balanced rosé also hails from Italy, bringing a pale pink rosé with more punch than you'd expect from its appearance. Expect some wild cherry, strawberries, and ripe grapes that pair well with chicken and fish, salad, and (of course) pasta.

Don't let the French name fool you this crisp, zesty rosé actually hails from the Columbia Valley in Washington. Expect light berry, citrus, and melon flavors that make it the perfect sipper alongside a cheese plate or with grilled fish.

This Oregon rosé is made from Pinot Noir grapes and comes off fresh and satisfying. You'll notice apricot, melon, and tropical fruit flavors, as well as a floral aroma that will tickle your senses.

Drink wine made in California from organic grapes with these pretty, portable rosé cans. Taste watermelon, some pomegranate, pineapple, and ripe peaches in this deliciously dry rosé. It pairs well with just about any picnic fare.

For those of us who wish our French wine was a little more, well, pronounceable, look under the ombre cap. Yes Way Rosé is a classic French pink drink, with strawberry, citrus, and light cherry flavors. It's also a screw-top, so you can break open another bottle with no extra equipment.

Dreams do come true: Oregon's Underwood rosé bubbles come in a can to fance up your picnic, even if it's just on your living room floor. We love this one in a can or a bottle, with its effervescent bubbles, tart cherry and watermelon notes, and crisp finish.

Hailing from the central coast of California, this light and clean rosé is just what summer needs. It's got both rich fruit flavors and a palate-cleansing crispness, for a wine that has enough fruity complexity for red fans with that acid bite that white drinkers love.

It's always after 5 o'clock with this central California coast rosé. It's got notes of Meyer lemon, raspberry, grapefruit and watermelon. The wine is named for the time the winemakers traditionally pause for a glass of this classic rosé. We suggest you do the same.

Just in time for Pride Month, this eye-catching sparkling rosé from the Columbia Valley tastes light, bright, and perfect for a celebration. It starts off crisp, with a little strawberry and melon, and ends just a tiny bit sweet. Best of all, portions of all proceeds go to the Greater Seattle Business Association Scholars Fund, the largest LGBTQ chamber of commerce in the country.

The first thing you have to know about Epiphany Grenache Rosé is that each can is two (yes, two) glasses. Now that we've got that out of the way, this Santa Barbara rosé tastes as good as it looks. It's acidic and refreshing, with notes of grapefruit, watermelon, and citrus.

With hints of currant, strawberry, and cherry, this softly bubbly rosé Cava tastes great with seafood, rice and pasta, and as a pre-dinner toast. It also comes in the cutest 187ml bottles, perfect for a socially distanced happy hour.

This classic rosé from the Cotes de Provence region is light, bright, and wonderfully smooth. You'll notice orange peels and red currant notes. Try it alongside French fare, grilled meat or fish, or as an appetizer beverage with crudité. Plus, this limited-edition bottle is pretty enough to save as a vase or to hold olive oil or salad dressing.

If you've got a birthday, graduation, or holiday to celebrate, this special-occasion rosé is the perfect popper. With a fruity, well-balanced flavor and lacy bubbles that feel like a party, any time.

11 Ways To Host A Thoughtful Virtual Mother's Day Celebration

Mother's Day falls on May 9 this year, and like most things have recently, your celebration might look different than it has in the past due to the ongoing pandemic. No worries, though, because there are still quite a few ways to make the day special even if you can't spend it with your mom in person. Consider this your guide to the ultimate virtual Mother's Day celebration that will make her day and is just as meaningful as your usual traditions.

Need Mother's Day gift ideas? We got you.

You can easily buy her flowers that will get delivered straight to her door. Nothing brightens up a room like a new bouquet.

There's no love language quite like snail mail.

Buy her the ingredients to have a boozy brunch at home.

After all, baking is a labor of love.

If you coordinate for everyone on the virtual call to have the same bottles in front of them, you can create a shared experience through the screen.

You can follow along online with your favorite Bob Ross episode, or try a specialized service that hosts online painting tutorials.

Put all of your favorite memories with her in one place. If you have siblings, it can be a group effort.

Order takeout from her favorite restaurant or drop off a fancy bottle of wine so she can spent a romantic night at home.

Drop off some craft supplies so you can do a craft together via Zoom, and get the grandkids involved for good measure.

When you're bad with words, a curated playlist will do the trick just fine.

WOWorks Brands Give Guests a Healthy "Tax Break" with New Tax Day Promotion

WEST CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa. , May 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- For the first time, WOWorks family of restaurant brands Saladworks, Frutta Bowls, The Simple Greek, and Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh, are coming together to offer special menu items for just $5.17 all day to their guests on Tax Day. All four brands are blending together their flavorful common core menu items and offering a healthy and nutritious deal to fuel their guests on May 17 .

Saladworks, the nation's leading create-your-own salad restaurant brand, will be offering any Wrap for only $5.17 to 'wrap' up tax filing duties on Tax Day. Frutta Bowls, the nation's fastest growing superfoods café, will 'toast' the end of tax season by offering any of its toasts for just $5.17 . The Simple Greek, a franchise of fast casual Greek restaurants, will offer $5.17 on all its pitas. Lastly, Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh, a leading fast-casual Mediterranean restaurant brand, will offer one of its Handheld menu items for just $5.17 to help guests celebrate handling their taxes.

"We wanted to introduce these offers across our WOWorks family of brands to help our guests celebrate the end of tax season with a variety of nutritious and flavorful options," said Mark Mears , Chief Marketing Officer of WOWorks. "From wraps and pitas to gyros and toasts, now there is something for everyone to love about Tax Day. Our mission is to help our guests pursue their passions and live their best life. Providing these healthy "Tax Breaks" is just another way we want to be relevant during what has been an extraordinary year."

Fully owned by Centre Lane Partners, LLC, WOWorks' brands all share a core DNA based upon fresh, flavorful and healthy food along with a heart for hospitality served through convenient business channels, which appeals to Millennial families and Gen Z guests.

Between all of its brands, WOWorks has more than 215 locations across the United States . Saladworks alone grew by more than 40 units in 2020, entering markets such as Canada , California , Tennessee , Rhode Island , Ohio , Florida and Indiana . Non-traditional presences like ghost kitchens, food trucks, grocery retail, hospitals and universities, have proven a huge avenue of growth for the brand, with even more planned in 2021, including a massive deal with Ghost Kitchen Brands. The Simple Greek currently has 25 locations, Frutta Bowls has 34 locations, and Garbanzo has 24, with aggressive growth expected for both Frutta Bowls and Garbanzo in the coming year, including co-branded restaurants.

For more information about WOWorkss brands and each restaurant's Tax Day offers, visit,,, and

About WOWorks
WOWorks was formed in 2020 with a mission to help guests pursue their passions and live their best lives by serving healthy, nutritious and flavorful fuel along with first-rate hospitality. Fully owned by Centre Lane Partners, LLC, WOWorks' portfolio consists of: Saladworks, the nation's leading fast-casual salad brand Frutta Bowls, a unique restaurant franchise serving a variety of superfood bowls, fresh fruit smoothies, oatmeal bowls and more Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh, a popular Mediterranean restaurant concept and most recently, The Simple Greek, which offers a fresh and healthy take on ancient Greek recipes in a fast-casual setting. WOWorks seeks to drive explosive growth across all of its brands through a variety of channels, both traditional and non-traditional, including ghost kitchens, food trucks, grocery retail and more.

7 Wines to Help You Celebrate The New Year

We all know the Jewish holidays are never on time, they are either early or late.  This year they are early, very early and don’t even get me started about celebrating Hanukkah on Thanksgiving %@#$!

First, I have to get through cooking for Rosh Hashanah with three kids running around the house, bouncing off the walls and suffering from withdrawal from summer camp and my feeble attempts to limit digital time to a mere 3 hours a day… Did I hear a “good luck with that”?

But enough about me, I will stop pouring out my frustrations and start pouring out some wonderful new wines this year.  The best part of my August is being able to taste new kosher wines for the New Year from some of the top winemakers in the world.

This year at our Rosh Hashanah table we’re going to taste the fruit of the vine from the farthest reaches of the continental United States (Washington State) to the mountains of Mendoza in Argentina with a sampling of some of our latest favorites from the Holy Land.  Let’s raise a glass to some of the best kosher wines to add to your table for the New Year.

2009 Dalton Alma Shiraz-Mourvedre-Viognier (Israel) $27.  A classic Rhone-style blend that is another unique contribution to the Israel wine scene, this is a full-bodied wine showing rich earthy characteristics of leather and licorice with underlying floral notes and wild raspberries. The wine is medium bodied with a rich silky finish.

2011 Flechas De Los Andes Cabernet Sauvignon Syrah (Argentina) $24.  Deep purple colors reflecting a highly concentrated full-bodied wine, with plum and spice on the nose. ꃞlicate vanilla and smoky notes to follow.

French oak enhances this distinctive wine with touches of vanilla, mocha, cinnamon and chocolate.

2011 Pacifica Evan&aposs Collection Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot (Washington) $28.  ਏlavors and aromas of blackberry, dark chocolate and hints of vanilla. A layered wine that is luscious and soft.

2009 Psagot Merlot (Israel) $25.  Aged 13 months in French oak, this fruit-forward wine is packed with plum and cherry aromas, soft tannins and a nice spicy finish.

2010 Saslove Marriage (Israel) $29.  A blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Nebbiolo. This unique combination creates a powerful wine with wild fruit flavors of cherry, raspberry and blueberry. The wine&aposs 6-month ageing in American and

2010 Teperberg Terra Malbec (Israel) $29.  Malbec is the grape of choice for the finest Argentinean wines.  This full bodied wine is characterized by its intense deep color infused with the flavors of forest fruit. The maturing of the wine in French oak barrels for 12 months enriches the complexity of the wine.

2010 Yogev Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot (Israel) $15.  Deep color and black fruit flavors and hints of desert spices, results in a wine with an interesting balance between fruitiness and oak influences, generous complexity and a pleasant finish.

The Classic Example

Bordeaux, France, is the grandfather of red wine blends. Many winemakers in Napa Valley, Tuscany, and beyond have emulated Bordeaux&aposs method of growing a few staple grape varieties in order to blend them into a well-balanced and delicious wine. What&aposs important to understand is that while some grape varieties play well with others and are constantly found together in blends, others do not. Much of the time, it is the Bordeaux varieties, referred to as the Nobel Grapes, that can be found in regions where wines are blended. Cabernet sauvignon, merlot, cabernet franc, malbec, and petit verdot are all considered Nobel Grapes of Bordeaux. Each of these grapes have different attributes that balance out the final wine.

Cabernet sauvignon is herbal and has ripe tannins that give its wines beautiful texture and structure. Merlot has more plush fruit than Cabernet sauvignon but less texture. Cabernet franc is known for its peppery, chocolate flavors and lean body. Malbec is savory and brings blue fruit characteristics to a blend. Petit verdot deepens the color of the overall wine and adds floral notes and structure. Together, these varieties are the backbone of many fantastic and famous wines.

Bordeaux has two traditional sides: the Left Bank and the Right Bank. These are geographic areas within the Bordeaux region, each with their own style. The Left Bank is known for blends dependent on Cabernet Sauvignon. Try a Left Bank Bordeaux like 2018 Chateau Peyrabon ($19.99, This wine is made up of 49 percent cabernet sauvignon, 44 percent merlot, and seven percent petit verdot. When you&aposre ready to try a merlot-based, Right Bank blend pick up a bottle of 2018 Chateau Mangot ($24.99, This wine is sure to delight any lover of big red wines with its blend of 85 percent merlot, 15 percent cabernet franc, and five percent cabernet sauvignon.

Aldi Wines Everyone Should Have On Their Shopping List

From award-winning red wines to best-selling white wines.

Aldi wines have to be some of the most reasonably-priced wines out there. We like Aldi's gin too, but that's not why we're here.

Aldi has a huge selection of reds, whites, rosés and sparkling wines for sale in store as well as online. And as well as being a total bargain, Aldi's wines are downright delicious. A lot of them are even award-winning! Bravo, Aldi. Bravo.

So, come take a look at Aldi's best-selling an award-winning wines. But be warned: you will be putting A LOT of these in your online shopping basket. Sorry not sorry.

Slowly transitioning into the blushes, this oak barrel rosé with red fruit aromas and hints of cherry and pastry makes it an ideal middle-ground. This wine will stand up to flavours such as olives and garlic, so ideal to serve with garlic-infused BBQ-style meats and vegetables (this wine is suitable for vegans after all!). Shoppers who pick up this rather stunning bottle won&rsquot be disappointed by the taste!

Appearing slightly darker than it looks in the flesh, this bottle flaunts aromas of flowers, citrus fruits, and red berries, offering a deliciously fruity and off dry taste. It is a versatile pairing, ideal for any spicy food, goat&rsquos cheese or even desserts.

From Aldi's award-winning collection, this palest of the pinks is Spring in a bottle a lively and fresh rosé with subtle aromas of fruits and flowers. It is also vegan-friendly try it with a selection of vegan sushi pieces, the perfect balance of sweet, sour and salt.

Notes of blackberry and raspberry meet a mouth-watering guava tone in this delightfully coral-shaded Rosé. The colour is reminiscent of the sun&rsquos rays breaking the ocean&rsquos surface &ndash a perfect way to set the scene and celebrate the arrival of warmer weather. Halloumi and a grapefruit salad is best to complement the lively flavours in this bottle. It is also suitable for vegans.

This delicate pale pink bottle will whisk you away to southern France with just one sip. A wonderfully dry fruit rosé with hints of raspberry, spice and grapes from the vineyards near the Herault river. Enjoy chilled on its own or with prawns, cream salmon pasta or summer salads.

Described as "clean and crisp with a ripe aroma of pears and apples," a bottle of this Pinot Grigio gets sold every three seconds in Aldi. It's best served chilled on its own, or with white meat, salad or fish.

According to Aldi, 800 bottles of Grapevine Spanish Merlot are sold every hour. And at a price like that, it's not surprising, is it?

Aldi's most popular rosé wine is this fruity and zesty White Zinfandel. And did you know that 11 bottles of this stuff gets sold every minute? Well, now you do.

You can't beat a £6 bottle of Prosecco! Aldi's most popular sparkling wine goes well with delicate fish, white meats and cheese dishes. It's described as having a scent of "citrus fruit and flowery features". Plus, soft and fruity peach and pear flavours, with notes of breezy apple peel and lemon zest.

An incredible 1,111 bottles of Costellore Prosecco Spumante DOC are sold every hour.

This IWSC silver medal winner is described as a" bright and intense ruby-red wine with youthful purple tints and aromas of fresh fruits. Plums and blackberries are overlain with subtle violet notes to give a premium wine with great structure and a long and intensely fruity finish."

This dry white wine is, "bright, crisp and fresh" and "promises flavours of green apples and gooseberries, fresh grassy aromas and lemony notes with licks of zesty lime."

The International Wine Collection awarded the Exquisite Touraine Sauvignon Blanc with a commended award.

This rosé is made by Jean-Claude Mas: one of the most highly regarded winemakers in the Languedoc. It has "beautiful cherry and strawberry aromas, with clean and elegant red-fruit and citrus flavours." It goes well with light fish or salad dishes.

It has been awarded a bronze award by the International Wine Collection.

The winery that makes this International Wine Collection commended wine is committed to using renewable energy wherever possible. Plus, the grapes used in this Prosecco are grown with no pesticides or herbicides. The grapes are predominately hand-picked and gently pressed to ensure only the highest quality of juice is used.

This dry white wine features "mouth-watering gooseberry, lime zest and passion fruit flavours."

This International Wine Collection commended wine goes well with fish dishes.

Who's in the market for an International Wine Collection gold medal winning wine then?

Veuve Monsigny Champagne Rosé has been produced in collaboration with Champagne Philizot, and it has crisp red berry fruit flavours and a delicate French Patisserie character. Sounds posh, eh?

An Aldi bestseller and highly acclaimed award winner (International Wine Collection silver medal), the Veuve Monsigny Champagne Brut comes from well-known Champagne house, Philizot & Fils.

More than 15 bottles have been sold an hour since Aldi's vegan Prosecco, Collezione Oro, launched in January.

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“You have your tetanus shot that they say you need a booster every 10 years. We know enough about that, that every 10 years you should receive another Tdap vaccine,” said Leslie Stulce, an infection prevention coordinator for MountainStar Healthcare.

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3 wines to enjoy at Easter

A sparkling rosé from Le Marche

The first wine is a sparkling wine from Le Marche made with the grape varieties Aleatico and Sangiovese. I tasted it already a couple of years ago and then again, the other week at Vinitaly. The winery I am talking about is Terracruda winery in Fratte Rosa on the hills in the province of Pesaro and Urbino.

I visited Terracruda winery in Le Marche about two years ago together with Angela Santarelli and Holly Ballard. Then I stopped by Terracruda&rsquos stand the other week at Vinitaly to taste the new vintages with Maria Vittoria and her brother Luca Avenanti.

I think that Spumante Brut Rosato Terracruda is a fresh sparkling wine that pairs well with spring and Easter time. It has notes mainly of lovely red fruit such as wild strawberries and sour cherry combined with a slightly floral touch.

Then, if you find yourself traveling through Le Marche you should pay them a visit because they are located beautifully in the countryside. They are a dynamic winery with a young and fresh vibe, and they make several very interesting wines.

Did you know that they are the only ones making a white wine with Garofanata that is a native grape to Le Marche?

A macerated Trebbiano Spoletino

From Le Marche, we are now heading to Umbria. This is another region that has often been a bit in the shadow of Tuscany, but it is slowly gaining the place in the limelight that it deserves. In February, I attended the preview of the newly released Sagrantino vintage (l&rsquoAnteprima del Sagrantino) and I also got to taste some very interesting white wines.

I had read about Tenuta Bellafonte before and when I was invited to Umbria for the Sagrantino event I asked to be able to visit this winery as part of the press tour. On my last day of the Sagrantino press tour, I arrived at Tenuta Bellafonte and had fun being shown around by Maria Vittoria Servanzi. The estate is indeed a bit of an oasis tucked away in the nature close to Bevagna in Umbria.

The owner Peter Heilbron acquired the estate some 10 years ago and his idea is to make wines that are an expression of the local territory. They strive to be sustainable and have a balanced ecosystem. The vineyards are surrounded by forest and have a rich biodiversity. Furthermore, they also apply wild fermentation with indigenous yeasts in the winery.

During my visit to the winery, I also got to taste Arneto, their macerated Trebbiano Spoletino wine. After the cold fermentation for a couple of days, the wild fermentation then takes place in large casks of Slavonian oak. The juice is not filtrated before bottling. They want to maintain the specific character of the wine and the grape variety by keeping it as unaltered as possible.

We tasted both Arneto 2015 and 2016. I liked the 2015 a lot, even though it had more ripe notes of yellow fruit and a deeper character. However, I really liked the intense notes of both citrus fruits, more yellow fruits, and the floral, herby touch.

The 2016 was fresher and more mineral, its notes of fruit and herbs smoother. I guess the climatic conditions also play their part here, 2015 was a very warm year and thus it is a richer white wine with riper notes.

I believe the fresh and mineral side combined with the citrusy and fruity touch of both vintages can pair well even with more Scandinavian Easter food.

A Synergistic Nero di Troia Wine

With the third wine, we are moving further south to Puglia. At Vinitaly, I got to know Marco Caiaffa via my other producer friend Marika Maggi from Cantina La Marchesa. We did a live stream all together at her stand where I got curious about passing by also Marco&rsquos stand to learn more about his wines.

Tenuta Caiaffa is a winery in Cerignola that is close to Foggia in Puglia. Marco has taken over the management of the vineyards from his father and turned it into Caiaffa winery.

Marco is fascinated by biodiversity and especially by the role insects play in the ecosystem. He believes in synergistic farming where nature is respected, and the interventions are as few as possible. The idea of synergistic farming is to disturb the soil as little as possible and let the flora and the fauna work on their own. Marco here believes that the insects are fundamental to maintaining the balance in the vineyard.

Marco loves his insects so much that they are also the leitmotiv on several of the labels.

The wine I am going to talk about here is their wine Vibrans (the picture-winged fly) Puglia IGT that is a monovarietal Nero di Troia wine. Nero di Troia is a grape variety that I got hooked on a couple of years ago during a visit to Puglia. It is a grape variety that gives fresh and elegant wines that are an expression of the &lsquoother&rsquo Puglia that so few still are aware of.

Nero di Troia wines are produced as monovarietal wines since the early 2000s while the grape variety in the past was mostly used as a blend in local DOC wines. Today, there are more and more wineries producing monovarietal Nero di Troia wines and they are showing the excellence of this grape native to the north-eastern part of Puglia, i.e. Daunia.

The juice ferments in contact with the skins for about 20 days and then matures in oak barrels for 1-1.5 years making it a smooth and elegant wine. It is a fresh wine with a delightful red fruit, slightly spicy, and a feeling of the Mediterranean flora and fauna that Marco told me about.

A wine that pairs perfectly with the spring and Easter time when nature is waking up and starting to blossom.

Thoughtful ceremonies create connection and meaning and supports us with the reality of death. Our services range from home vigil support at $300 to full traditional funeral services from $4,167.

DeathCare Redefined

KORU is a locally owned and operated, grass-roots funeral business. We provide simple and tailored cremation, burial and ceremony services that help you care for, remember, mourn and celebrate your dead.

KORU is a leader, innovator and educator in what we see as a new age of death, dying and end-of-life care. We have a keen interest in raising awareness about local sustainably sourced and community minded products and practices.

Watch the video: Γεύσεις και Οίνος - Ξινόμαυρο,Μια ποικιλία 4 κρασιά