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Dessert cake with caramel cream and pineapple (fasting) - Recipe no. 500

Dessert cake with caramel cream and pineapple (fasting) - Recipe no. 500

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We prepare the worktop first. In a saucepan with a thick bottom, caramelize 1/2 cup of sugar. When it has a beautiful golden color, add water, then the rest of the sugar and boil for a few minutes until all the sugar melts. Let the syrup cool, then add the oil, salt, Finesse orange, 1 tablespoon of cocoa and sift the flour mixed with baking powder. Homogenize and pour the composition into a cake tin on which I placed baking paper. Shape in a preheated oven until the toothpick passes.

Remove the form and leave the countertop to cool, then cut it into two slices horizontally. We prepare the syrup. In the same pan, add the caramelized sugar. Quench with water, bring to a boil to melt the syrup, then lower, add the orange juice and leave to cool.

We prepare cream. Drain the fruit from the pineapple compote. In a saucepan put the pudding powder, sugar, pineapple compote juice (220 ml) and orange juice. Mix well and put on low heat, stirring constantly until the cream binds. Take it down, add the diced margarine and mix vigorously until incorporated. Let the cream cool. When the cream is cooled, mix it with whipped cream. We put half of the cream aside to decorate the cake, and in the rest we put the pineapple cut into smaller pieces. Mount the cake on the serving platter. Place the first slice of cake, syrup it with half of the syrup, add the cream in which I put the pineapple, then the other half of the syrupy top. We dress the cake in off cream, then let it cool for a few hours, then decorate it according to your imagination.

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Top 1, 4 egg yolks, 80g sugar, 70ml boiling water, 150g flour, 15g baking powder. Cake for Mom - picture 1 large. Holidays, step by step recipe, illustrated with pictures. Download this free photo of Mother Cake With Baby Son from Pixabay's vast library of public domain images and videos. Ferrero Rocher cake with chocolate and hazelnuts, the ultimate dessert when it comes to a chocolate cake. Ferrero Rocher cake with chocolate and hazelnuts was chosen as the favorite brand cake recipe, ie the cake recipe named after a famous brand of sweets

The photo on the cake is completely edible and is made with edible ink on a fondant sheet. We are an online confectionery, we produce only to order with the best quality ingredients, so you are sure that every time you will serve the children with 100% fresh products. Cake with Edible Picture Elsa and Ana - Frozen. 07E. EDIBLE PICTURE: 40 lei / piece For the compositions Bezea, Carrot cake, Emoke, Jamaica, Mosaic, Montenegro, Mascot, Joffre and Silvia, the price is 91 lei / kg The cake can vary with +/- 10-15% of the requested weight Jamaica , Mosaic, Montenegro, Mascot, Joffre and Silvia, the price is 91 lei. Tort Dobos recipe. Recipe in images of Tort Dobos. How is Dobos Cake made? You can find the recipe for Dobos sheets here (click). Preparation Chocolate cream. Eggs are mixed with sugar and salt powder. The vessel is placed on a steam bath and we stir continuously

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I made this wonderful chocolate and mascarpone cake for a family anniversary. It is an opulent cake, with an intense chocolate taste punctuated by the presence of oranges: orange juice and liqueur (Grand Marnier, Cointreau, Triple Sec) for syruping the tops and small pieces of candied orange peels sprinkled over the layers of cream. Cake with ice cream - recipe fast. Why a cake recipe with ice cream for Children's Day? Very simple: the cake and the ice cream are two of the things that the little ones love the most and I am sure that I do not speak only in the name of Luca So I chose a very simple cake recipe, both in terms of of ingredients, which are available to anyone and you can find them in anything. Cake of post - ideas of quick cakes of done in fasting. From November 15, the Christmas fast begins, and until now of December 24, believers fast of to the food of sweet. But, if during this period you are going to celebrate an important event or you just want to of a dessert, we tell you the tastiest recipes with cake of I rubbed them well with the sugar and then with the milk and put them on the fire. From the moment they started to boil, the cream simply melted, it remained extremely soft. that it will bind but in vain. at the end I added not 20g of gelatin but 3 sachets, ie 27g

Put the yolks over the egg whites, the sifted flour together with the starch and mix well, stirring gently, from the bottom up, trying to get the air out of the egg whites as little as possible. Pour the composition into a tall cake tin with a diameter of 20 cm. Move easily to sit up straight Pictures tagged fruit cake by members of the Family Photo Album community. View images of Fruit Cake and other associated labels Cookie Cake 23 recipes: Black Cake with Peanut Butter and Oreo Cookies, Simple Biscuit Cake, Biscuit Cake, Chocolate Biscuit Cake, Cocoa Cream Biscuit Cake ( video recipe), Biscuit cake, Sarlota cake with three kinds of .. Cake decorations, based on fruit. Fruit decorations are among the most popular solutions for decorating a cake, so they could not be missing from our list. Ornament for lovers. Delight your partner with a heart-shaped chocolate cake, which you can decorate simply but beautifully. The classic diploma cake with biscuits and whipped cream is one of the most popular festive desserts in our country, on holidays or days special. The combination of fruit, whipped cream and syrupy biscuits make the diplomat cake an irresistible sweet, full of taste and color.

Appetizer cake for New Year's Eve with cheese cream fillings with cucumbers, peppers, egg salad, green pea cream and smoked ham decoration, strips of parmesan and micro greens. It does not contain fish (salmon, tuna) or seafood (shrimp, mussels) and if you give up the ham it becomes a vegetarian appetizer cake Assembly Cake Nest. Place the first countertop sheet (the base of the countertop) on a plate and syrup it. Add the first part of the cream and spread it evenly. We continue the same procedure with the rest of the countertop sheets, we will have 3 syrupy countertop sheets and 2 layers of cream. We grease the cake with a thin layer of cream. I made this cake for my son George's birthday, who turned 26 on Saturday. Beat the egg whites with water very well. Add the sugar and continue beating. Then add the yolks. We give up the goal and mix with a spoon very light flour and spoon after spoon added to the composition. Let's not forget the baking powder

images at height, caliber recipes you enjoy another portion and you imagine only yours, created only for. Pour the composition into the cake tray with removable ring (lined with e! You use the first countertop for the big cake, the second one will end up something like a chocolate mousse !! You need: 1 mango, respectively. Anonymous 26/08/2012 at 17:46. Hello. We have been looking for a cake that has been so cool for a long time, looks and at the same time quick to make. It just seemed to me quite a lot of gelatin for the given quantities. So I just added an envelope of 10 gram gelatin to the yogurt creams. One for the apricot yogurt cream and one for the berry cream. without hardener. Between the two.

Festive or less festive homemade cakes, more beautiful or less beautiful but definitely delicious! Simple or complex cake recipes, familiar recipes or momentary improvisations, each of them sweetened an important moment in our lives: Christmas, New Year, Easter or anniversaries Cake recipe Doboș step by step. Dobos cake original confectionery recipe with cocoa cream. Below are some other cake recipes, at least as delicious and good-looking as the Dobos cake: Dome Cake. Stump cake with chocolate cream. Diplomat cake, old recipe. Tiramisu cake with orange

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  • meringue cake with pictures Page 1 of 1. You may also be interested in: meringue cake with coffee cream, diet cake with chocolate, cake.
  • of a lighter version of the famous French cake called Fraisier (from obtaining, in this way, a fragrant and refreshing cake, with a lot of stove, instead of the shape of the cake, to be able to use the leftovers of) 90 g Make the simple cake top (genoise) of 4 eggs, 120 g sugar, using a cake spatula, level the surface .. Attention, try to
  • You will find the best free stock images for query cake. Download all photos and use them even for commercial projects
  • Page 1 of 4 - Madonna Cake - posted in Recipes in pictures: Don't ask me where her name comes from, that's how I got it from my mother and she doesn't know who got it from. I grew up with this cake - not missing at all family events. I had never made it on my own, but I took my heart in my teeth and said to try it! Sheets: 3 eggs, 300 gr sugar1 packet of baking powder (about 9gr) 2 tablespoons honey .
  • The almond cake is delicious. This cake is the perfect choice for special occasions. Here's how to prepare it: Top: (tray diameter - 29 cm) Mix the egg whites with the sugar, add the yolks, water, oil, essence, and finally, flour mixed with baking powder and cocoa
  • We issue a certificate of conformity. We produce only on order, so everything is made on the day of delivery, being fresh. Unbeatable quality / price ratio. 100% natural ingredients, of the best quality. WE DO NOT USE FOOD ADDITIVES .. We use genuine marzipan made from almond paste, not a substitute .. Specialized advice on design and compositions
  • Cream cake with fruit, a delicious cake, syrupy with a delicious vanilla syrup, with lots of cream and fruit .. The recipe is very simple and can be adapted to your own tastes, choose the fruit you like, you can put pieces of fruit and between countertops and choose a different flavor. I love vanilla and I think it fits very well in this combination, so I used it in abundance.

Recipe of cake with peaches, cream of cheese and cream of cocoa, a cake extremely of tasty and savory. It is easy and simple to prepare, but it needs to of some cold time before of to be consumed. The creams in its composition cake with peaches fill up of wonder, one being sweet and the other slightly sour The composition is put in a round cake shape with a diameter of 16-18 cm, lined with paper. Place in the oven at the right temperature. After cooling, syrup with a syrup obtained from 220 g of sugar, water and rum or brandy. Children's cakes. Whatever your little one's favorite theme, whether we are talking about the characters from his favorite animations, hobbies or objects he is in love with, in the magical hands of the masters of Armand Confectionery, all these take the sweetest and most delicious forms and end up being cakes. much desired by children

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  1. Chocolate cake 280 recipes: Petitchef chocolate mousse cake, Chocolate and salted caramel cake, Chocolate cream cake, Biscuit cake with ..
  2. unatii, is another reason why I will always choose to make a raw dessert instead of a classic one! 2 images with Arad raw pineapple cake - Saturday, September 12, 2020 - 14: 2
  3. Chocolate cake with red wine and spices with the scent of the Holidays, step by step culinary recipe, illustrated with images. Chocolate cake recipe with red wine and spices, ingredients and preparation. How to make a chocolate gooseberry cream and red wine
  4. in and in tune with spring, it has two countertops: one walnut, the other cocoa, lemon cream, it is decorated with flowers and butterflies. Preparation: Top: beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt and sweetener, 1 comment
  5. To syrup the cake we used raspberry syrup, but you can also use a syrup from water, sugar and your favorite flavor. The cake is easy to make, especially if you make the cake top the night before. Of course you have to try my vanilla cake counter recipe, very easy to make and 100% natural. As tips, you have to.
  6. Raw chocolate icing cake Anunt Basic Cretanlife Mediterranean gastronomy CRETANLIFE company, since 2001, is the only one that cultivates, collects, processes aromatic plants from Crete, as well as mixtures of spices and Mediterranean spices inspired by Greek gastronomy.

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  1. Recipes in pictures - Biscuit cake. by Cristina Ologeanu from 25/05/2014. in Food Recipes. After the sugar has dissolved, turn off the heat and add a teaspoon of rum essence. Leave to cool. After the syrup has cooled, proceed to assembly. Soften the biscuits one by one as you place them.
  2. Gluing the waffles on the cake is done on a straight and smooth surface, ideally being the cake covered with sugar paste or chocolate icing. On the surface of the cake apply a thin layer of neutral gel, then apply the waffle carefully, and on top of the waffle apply a thin layer of neutral gel (plain or with glitter, depending on preference)
  3. Results 1-20 for images with mickey mouse cake. Mickey Cake 3D Candle Cake 5. Mickey Cake 3D Cake Candle 5 Manufacturer 15136 Product code: 12863 2 fun puzzle games for kids, with the theme of the famous cartoon characters Mickey Mouse.The 2 images created with the help of this p Category: Puzzle.
  4. Company with object of activity in the manufacture of decorations for cakes and pies. The services offered and specifications of the marketed products are presented, accompanied by images
  5. ute. Put the milk in a saucepan over low heat and let it heat up very well. Turn off the heat and add a slice of vanilla split lengthwise and whiskey cream, the online store for cakes and cakes to order, was born from the desire to come to the confectionery market with another concept. As you will feel from the first tasting, we will fill you with fantastic recipes, tasty combinations and new tastes , delicacies you will never get bored of Cake waffles with cartoons. 5.2K likes. Edible cake ornaments on waffle or sugar with cartoon characters Homemade cakes with pictures on sugar sheets. Models and information can be found here: Edible images for muffins, cookies and cakes with the theme of Halloween, Christmas, New Year! You can find the models and information.

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Chocolate meringue cake, a super recipe that you should try when you have too many egg whites left. We usually have the most egg whites for the holidays, especially when we make cakes or creams based on yolks. I admit that I've often thrown them in the trash. Whiskey Cream Cake For today I come up with a whiskey cream cake recipe, which I made a long time ago, but which didn't get much attention. . I don't know why this happened, but I know for sure that it is a sensational cake, with a great taste that deserves to be made, remade and remade. Pictures and images on 220 cake. Cakes, cakes that are more than that! Incredible how good it looks. it's a shame to ruin such a work of art The lack of effort put into creating these wonders is another reason why I will always choose to make a raw dessert instead of a classic one! 2 images with Timisoara raw pineapple cake - Thursday, June 11, 2020 - 18: 4

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  1. Galt - Coloring Book - Glow Coloring Book Manufacturer: Galt Category: creative toys Model: A307xx Product code: 6971 12 coloring pages with attractive pictures for children. These pages have the outlines and a sticker, for each page, c
  2. Dozens of custom cake designs and images for any type of anniversary. Custom cakes for him, her or companies. (+4) 031.005.1187 Wedding cake with white flowers and golden details 1600 lei. 72 hours FB802 Details Marvel Superhero Cake 880 lei. 72 hours FB801 Details Initial cake no
  3. You will find the best free stock images for birthday cake query. Download all photos and use them even for commercial projects

Edible image, Kitten Decor, printed on icing sheet, used to decorate cakes. This paper is slightly thicker than a normal sheet. It can be placed on any material to be covered: fondant, marzipan, vegetable cream, butter cream. We take it out of the fridge and cover it in a layer of chocolate cream, making different shapes with a spatula, so in the pictures. From the cream left inside, we make a few hazelnuts with the serrated tip. I finally chose to sprinkle it with a little cocoa. For this chocolate cake, the decoration can be made according to everyone's imagination and desire. I put aside 1/3 of the cream, and in the other 2/3 I added the fruit and mixed lightly. I used a detachable cake ring to assemble the cake. I put the first top, fruit cream, the second top and the rest of the cream. Recipe recipe Cold dessert cake with yogurt and pineapple cream from the Cakes category. The middle is garnished with pieces of kiwi, banana and pineapple. Cream: peel the bananas and pass them in the blender together with. We put a part of the countertop, a layer of kiwi, a layer of whipped cream with yogurt, then a layer of pineapple and bananas

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Pictures Mom Cake Lists of Mom Cake. ON LINE 2020. list of 675 movies, created by Vegetarian on November 20, 2013. Cars, Caravans Disadvantages: hidden explosive. list of 176 movies, created by Vegetarian on November 30, 2011. See what movies you have at the cinema in September. Cake with mascarpone cream and strawberry jelly, an ideal recipe for festive occasions. It looks good, tastes fresh, sweet - sour, balanced. I love making cakes, it's my oasis of relaxation when I make them. I don't like to make two identical cakes and I consider that each one is unique in its own way, just as we are unique. The old diplomat cake is still making a splash among gourmets. Do you have guests and you don't know what everyone would like? This cherry cake will be eaten to your heart's content, it is easy to prepare and always the right choice. Diploma cake recipe with cherries. The secret to the best dessert The cherry season brings to the fore the [

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  1. Step-by-step picture cake recipes, homemade cake recipes, cake recipes, chocolate cake, fruit cake, whipped cake, festive cakes, muffin recipes, cake recipes, cookie recipes, cookie recipes croissants, homemade cookie recipes, cake recipes, tart recipes, cheesecake recipes, cake recipes that never fail
  2. images with shirt type cake - online store. CAR SEATS. Car seats 0-13 kg Car seats 0-18 kg Car seats group 1-2-3 (9-36 kg
  3. If you want to change the image, please select the product Custom edible image and specify in the message, before completing the order, the title of the image and the changes you want. Dimensions: circle diameter 20cm fits on a cake with a diameter of 21cm, label 7cm x 10cm
  4. I have long proposed to remake this cake with oranges, whose recipe is very old and is on one of the first pages of my recipe book. I made it now, for the New Year and I thought of sharing the recipe with you. I'm sure you'll like it

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  1. Cake with chocolate cream and whipped cream-INGREDIENTS. Top: 8 eggs 8 lg sugar 6 lg flour 2 lg cocoa vanilla essence. Cream: 400 ml whipped cream, 400 gr white chocolate
  2. units. I don't know why, but it seemed quite complicated and meticulous (I never doubted the taste) and I wasn't too tempted to try it
  3. Diploma Cake Recipe, Cream With Fruit Cake, Walnut Cake Pictures, Chocolate Cake, Cake Pictures, Cake Pictures For Simple Boys, Kids Birthday Cakes, Chocolate Cake Recipe, Lemon Cake, Fish Cake, Planet E Cake Pictures, PT Cake Ornament, Pictures With Fruits And Vegetables, Sweets Pictures, Minnie Cake Pictures, Apple Cake, Girls Cake, Picture Cake, Vanilla Cream Cake.
  4. A cake for a dad who appreciates hunting but did not have the courage to try. Let's hope the cake will give him confidence and increase his desire to finally go to a hunting game. Chocolate cream with coffee and cherries, countertop vanilla.Weight 4kg
  5. the ice didn't fly much, the ground was.
  6. Diploma cake recipe. The diplomat cake is one of the most loved desserts of Romanians. It is classic, cool and always a good option for an end to a meal with friends or family
  7. Custom wafer and icing waffles. Pictures printed with edible ink on wafer or icing with prices starting from 6 Ron

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Berry Cheesecake with Digestive Biscuit Countertop, Baked Cream Cheese and Sour Berry Jelly I expect you to sweeten! : I don't think anything is more appropriate at this time than a strawberry dessert, you have the feeling that you gather there on your plate all the beauty and flavor of spring And because today is a special day, the name day of Saints Constantine and Helen, I propose a Diploma Cake with strawberries, only good to enjoy with your loved ones

A delicious chocolate cake with three kinds of mousse and a wet cocoa top. If you want to impress with a good cake, but also with a pleasant appearance, it is perfect. It is not difficult to make, it is the simplest and fastest cake, with a guaranteed result even for a novice in the kitchen. You can make it for dessert. 30,000 free cake vector images. Sort by. Downloads. Date. Format. All . SVG AI EPS Show. 90 180 360 Go. Sponsored Vectors - 10% discount on all Shutterstock plans with the code DOMAINVECTO Click on the product to enlarge Box Overcake Cake Box - Price: 8 Lei / Piece. or 37 Lei / Set (1 set = 5 pcs.) * The box is provided with a lid and handles Dimensions: 35 cm * 35 cm, height: 31 cm. Textured Small Boxes 12/12 - Price: 8 Lei / Set (1 set = 5 pcs.

cake with three layers of chocolate. cake with nuts, chocolate and caramel mousse. chocolate chip cake. chocolate cake with nutella and hazelnuts. chocolate cake with milk core. spiral cake with chocolate cream. chocolate cake with cherries. chocolate cake with amarula cream. walnut and cocoa cake. cocoa cake with krant ♥ Fruit cake Note: The cake may be different from the presentation picture depending on the delivery area. This special product can be delivered in Bucharest in 2 hours. For more details, please contact us by phone at * 9595 (mobile - normal rate) / +4021 300 9595 (national / international) or by e-mail at [email protected Coloring pages with children playing in winter Coloring pictures of racing cars What I recommend. flowers-garden-plants. A Blogger product. Cake coloring pages Tags: cake coloring pages, cake coloring pictures, sweets coloring pages, cake coloring pages. Newer Post May Post. Wedding cake with white icing. News bulletin. Subscribe to our Newsletter and receive regular updates on new images for free

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Cake 2010 Cake with boat Cake with unicorn Cake with orchids Cake with green orchids Dwarf cake for Andrei Box cake Baptism cake with stork Adult cake for Gabriel Adult cake for Marius Wedding cake White-brown wedding cake Wedding cake- book Cake grown Georgiana Cake grown Raluca Wedding cake 1 Wedding cake 2. How we discussed wedding invitations in 2010, the latest trends about wedding photographers, how and why to choose the best (Why take into account when hiring a wedding photographer), now it's time to talk a little about the wedding cake .. Before it was simple: a cake without any taste but with a lot of cream placed on many levels As I have already accustomed you, this recipe is made of raw ingredients, not thermally processed, without animal foods and artificial sweeteners! 2 images with Cake with chocolate icing ra

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  • Pictures and images on 220 cake - page 2. uses cookies to personalize and improve your experience on our website
  • Engagement cake with blue flowers I made this cake for Bogdana, who, on the occasion of her engagement, wanted this model. I really enjoyed doing it, and I was very happy with the result, which made me very happy.
  • For the success of a cake, in addition to quality ingredients, you also need the right recipe. Thus, if you want to prepare a birthday cake, we offer you the recipe for the best chocolate icing
  • Biscuit cake with mascarpone cream and chocolate (1) Chocolate cake (fasting) (1) Chocolate cake Fisherman (1) Ice cream cake (1) Apple cake (1) Apple cake with burnt sugar cream ( 1) Lent cake (caramel and peaches) (1) Diplomat cake (1) Sweet Bunny Cake (1) Kinder Penguin Cake (1) Mousse cake from 3 kinds of chocolate (1.
  • bell picture cake - online store. CAR SEATS. Car seats 0-13 kg Car seats 0-18 kg Car seats group 1-2-3 (9-36 kg
  • For the weekend treat, or, why not, for a celebration or anniversary, this duo cake with chocolate and raspberries is worth preparing, a simple and quick cake, without baking. On the basis of biscuits, with chocolate cream in two colors, with a lot of raspberries and mint flavor, this cake will be a real madness, for those who.

Preparation: Prepare the top: Beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt until a hard foam is obtained. Add the tablespoons of sugar, vanilla sugar, egg yolks, tablespoon of cold water. Continue beating until the composition is homogenous, then add cocoa flour. And pour into a cake tin lined with baking paper 23 cm in diameter. Look for wedding cakes in your city. Pictures of Bridal Cakes, Bridal Cake Pictures, Bridal Cakes, Photo Gallery, Pictures of Bridal Cakes, Wedding Cakes, Wedding Cakes, Diplomat Cakes, Marzipan Cake, Wedding Cake Holder, Bridal Cake Holders, Bride Cake Pictures, online photo gallery, online, special cakes. Biscuit cake with wine cream PHOTO Culinary Recipes The biscuit cake with wine cream is a delicious cake, very good and, in addition, does not require baking. Here we propose the recipe that you can find in Sanda Marin's famous cookbook. To mark the event, we made a cake with many ingredients but which together gave a perfect taste. If the participating children did not leave anything on the plate, and asked for another slice, it means that it was good. I just caught a slice. I'm sorry I don't have pictures of the work steps but I will explicitly describe what and how I did it Step 2 Home recipe: COLORED CAKE: Preparation of the second cake top (brown cake top) For the preparation of the -the second cake top, the brown one, we proceed as in Step 1 with the mention that here we add 2 tablespoons of cocoa

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Dozens of custom cake designs and images for any type of anniversary. Wrong salt flowers. I want to subscribe to the divahair newsletter. Although today you received many messages with Saint Ion, most of which are also my strongest because in this gray world you are the only stain of color in this difficult winter. The cake is simple to prepare, the same padispan but with a strawberry cream / foam. Now that I don't have fresh strawberries, I put some of the frozen ones according to the method of Frozen Fruits with sugar on the site. You will realize by yourself the taste of the cake that you can't spoil something with strawberries :) It is a perfect cake, fresh, creamy and light - I highly recommend Medovic a very delicious cake and it is a very tasty homemade dessert with honey leaves. melts in your mouth how delicious you will fall in love with its taste. Grease each sheet with 2-3 tablespoons of sour cream and add cherries and nuts. Images for themes created by 1Photodiva Recipe cake with chocolate cream 6 tablespoons flour and 6 sugar. I used a form with a diameter of 8 (20 cm). The oven is turned on at 350`F. Beat the egg whites until stiff, add the sugar, beat until they harden again. Add the yolks, flour and vanilla sugar. IMAGES IN WORDS Tismana, in. Images Biscuit Cake If you replace the green beans with peas or cauliflower with kale or why not with sliced ​​cabbage if we have or not peppers or if we drop in the soup and a root of parsley or parsnips this will not really influence the success the preparation but will only give it personality

cake of Wedding images free. Images explicitly placed in the public domain. You can use all the images in this gallery for anything you want, using them freely for personal and commercial use. bouquet, candlelight, candles, wedding, cake of wedding, marriage, love, story of love, arrangement, flower. Delicious cake with mascapone and strawberries. Ingredients: A cocoa cake top 300 g mascarpone 500 ml liquid cream 30% sweetened and vanilla (Dorna) 700 g strawberries 1 thread vanilla essence rhubarb 200 g sugar 200 ml water 100 g starch Preparation: Prepare the strawberry jelly: Pe fire, in a double-bottomed pan put water, 100 g zaha The composition obtained is put in a round cake shape with removable or fixed walls, depending on what you have, with a diameter of 26 cm, and with the back of a spoon smooth well to cover the base of the cake as evenly as possible. Place the form with the countertop in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes

Preparation time: 01:10 min Cost for 8 servings: 60 Lei Ingredients: 1 Kg biscuits, 200 g milk-free chocolate, 100 g cocoa powder, 200 ml liquid cream, 300 g sugar, 150 g butter, 200 g walnuts, 300 ml water, rum essence. Vă invităm să urmăriti mai jos reteta video de tort de biscuiti cu ciocolata Tort cu crema de mascarpone si fructe de padure este un desert racoritor si aromat, numai bun pentru momente speciale sau pentru orice moment in care va doriti un dulce de casa. Eu l-am gandit si conceput ca un tort racoritor si aromat, numai bun pentru masa de Anul Nou Eu am deschis sezonul de arome de primăvară cu un tort minunat cu spumă bogată de căpşuni şi frişcă naturală. A fost un deliciu şi s-a terminat cam repede. Dar nu-i nimic, la cât de uşor se face, cu siguranţă îl voi repeta în primăvara aceasta, cel puţin încă o dată Arhive etichetă: imagini tort. VAFE - Modele Noi (01 Feb. 2017) 1 februarie 2017. Dacă continui să folosești acest site web, ești de acord cu utilizarea lor. Pentru a afla mai multe, inclusiv cum să controlezi cookie-urile, uită-te aici: Politică cookie-uri.

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Omogenizam bine crema si cu siropul caramel cu rom ,in care au stat stafidele, insiropam blatul de tort pe care l-am taiat in doua pe orizontal. Prima foaie de pandispan o punem pe blatul de servire, o insiropam si adaugam crema din castanet cu stafide 1.Incercati o reteta de tort de biscuiti 2.Luati exemplul printului William , print care a ales la nunta lui un tort de biscuiti simplu cu ciocolata in detrimentul celor mai sofisticate retete de tort. Printul William a avut la nunta lui un Tort facut din 17 kg de ciocolata si peste 1700 de biscuiti McVitie's Jucatorii CFR Cluj au sarbatorit cu tort si sampanie castigarea titlului. Cadu si Ioan Andone au fost cei care au taiat primele felii din tortul cu insemnele clubului. Fata de petrecerea de dupa meciul cu U Cluj, cea din noaptea de duminica spre luni a fost rezervata

Tags: imagini de desenat, TORT COPII, tort tom &jerry, torturi, torturi fanny Am mai facut un tort cu poza comestibila pentru o fetita de 3 ani pentru la gradi. Crema ganache de ciocolata cu lapte si mousse de visine si blat alb Tort in forma de peste pentru doar 170,00 RON. Tort in forma de peste pentru doar 170,00 RON Vezi galeria de imagini *Cantitate: *Compozitia aleasa: MARESAL - foaie subtire de rulada, crema de ciocolata Belcolade cu fructe confiate crema de ciocolata Belcolade si sarlota de vanilie cu fructe de padure JOFFRE DIPLOMAT - blat insiropat. Umpleti biscuitii cu crema de ciocolata racita. Formati prima data un turnulet de 4-5 biscuiti cu crema intre ei, apoi rasturnati turnuletul pe platou si continuati sa lipiti biscuitii cu crema. Pentru ca tortul sa aiba aspectul din imagini, biscuitii trebuie sa fie pusi perpendicular pe platou

Desert tort cu crema caramel si ananas (de post) - Reteta nr 500 - Rețete

Ce pufosenie. mi-am zis cand l-am vazut la Laura Laurentiu si imediat i-am pus gand rau. Mi-am salvat reteta si zilele trecute l-am preparat. A iesit intocmai cum zicea Laura: pufos si gustos! Si foarte aromat, cu o culoare minunata, as adauga eu.
Multumesc frumos, Laura, pentru reteta! :*

  • 40 g drojdie de bere proaspata Dr.Oetker
  • 250ml. de suc carbogazos Mirinda
  • 80ml. de ulei
  • 60g zahar
  • 1 lingura de esenta de vanilie/ 1 plic de zahar vanilat
  • coaja rasa de portocala/lamaie
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 100g fructe confiate( ananas, pepene galben, maracuia)
  • un baton de martipan(60g).

Sucul sa fie tot la temperatura camerei, ca toate ingredientele, nu rece. Am amestecat pana cand drojdia s-a dizolvat.
Am pus bolul pe aragaz si am asteptat aproximativ o ora sa creasca maiaua.

Dupa o ora, am adaugat restul de suc, uleiul, zaharul ramas, zaharul vanilat, sarea si coaja de portocala

le-am amestecat bine si am framantat putin aluatul pana cand am auzit basicile de aer din interior spargandu-se.

Am uns bolul cu ulei, am pus aluatul in el,

l-am acoperit si l-am lasat pe aragaz cu cuptorul pornit mai bine de doua ore, pana cand si-a triplat volumul.

Am rasturnat aluatul pe masa unsa cu ulei, l-am mai framantat putin si l-am impartit in doua.

Am intins cu mainile prima bucata in forma de dreptunghi si lunga cat tava de cozonac in care urma sa-l pun si am rasfirat fructele confiate, pe care le-am taiat bucati mai mici. Am avut ananas, pepene galben si maracuja.

Am procedat la fel cu a doua bucata si am taiat felii batonul de martipan-tot de post, cu ciocolata neagra.

Cele doua suluri le-am rasucit intre ele si le-am asezat frumos in tava de cozonac pregatita, unsa cu ulei.

L-am lasat iar la crescut pana a iesit din forma.

L-am stropit cu putin suc si l-am bagat in cuptorul incins la 200 de grade pentru 10 minute, apoi am redus la 180 de grade si l-am lasat 40 de minute. In timpul acesta, am simtit ca miroase deja si l-am vazut bronzat la suprafata, astfel incat l-am acoperit cu o hartie de copt umezita si l-am lasat pana cand au trecut cele 40 de minute initiale.

Testul scobitorii a fost trecut cu brio, asa ca l-am scos, l-am uns rapid cu miere si am presarat zahar brun. Sau puteti sa-l pudrati cu zahar, daca vreti.

De-abia am asteptat sa-l tai, credeti-ma. si s-a racit atat de incet. ufff.

Cateva felii. sper ca se vede cat de pufos e -)

Si culmea e ca am crezut ca va iesi portocaliu, datorita sucului, ca de la Fanta am zis ca iese galben, dar chiar are o culoare foarte naturala, de zici ca am folosit apa :P

We found at least 10 Websites Listing below when search with prajituri de post cu crema on Search Engine

Reteta Prajitura Iuliana cu crema, de post DA: 14 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 64

  • Cand s-a mai racit, am pus si esenta de vanilie (putina, sa predomine aroma de lamaie)
  • Iar cand era cam ca apa de vara, am amestecat cu margarina (250 g) frecata spuma
  • Cream rece se pune intre foi si se lasa prajitura de post cu ceva tare deasupra ca sa se inmoaie, vreo 3 ore
  • Prajitura Iuliana cu crema, de post

Prajitura pufoasa de post reteta pas cu pas

  • ingredients Prajitura pufoasa de post
  • de milk de soia cu aroma de vanilie, 1 lingura cu varf de faina + 1 lingura cu varf de amidon din porumb (gustin), 100 de grame de zahar, 100 de grame de margarina pentru prajituri sau unt de cocos (eu am folosit untul de cocos), 1 lingurita extract de

Reteta Prajitura cu crema de post DA: 16 PA: 45 MOZ Rank: 63

  • MOD DE PREPARARE RETETA Prajitura cu crema de post: Amestecam intr-un vas faina, zaharul, praful de copt, praful de cacao si bicarbonatul
  • In alt vas amestecam apa, uleiul, otetul
  • Turnam amestecul lichid peste amestecul solid,amestecand usor cu lingura de lemn
  • Amestecul se toarma in tava unsa cu ulei si tapetata cu

10 rețete de prăjituri gustoase de post DA: 12 PA: 41 MOZ Rank: 56

  • Se ung foile cu crema (cum mi-au iesit doar trei foi le-am uns doar cu crema de gris, am renuntat la gem) se poate glazura, daca se doreste
  • Reţetă prăjitură de post cu griş şi mere
  • Ingrediente prăjitură de post cu griş şi mere

Prăjitură de post Mănăstirea Sihăstria Putnei

  • Se fierbe apa cu griș aproximativ 10 minute și se dă la răcit
  • Margarina se freacă spumă cu zahărul pudră apoi se omogenizează cu grișul răcit, zeama de lămâie și esența de vanilla
  • Cream se pune între cele două blaturi (după ce s-au răcit)
  • Se fierb toate ingredientele (fără nuca de

Prăjituri de post: 20 de rețete

  • Prăjituri de post: 20 de rețete delicioase de prăjituri de post
  • Vă puteți bucura de prăjituri delicioase chiar și în perioada postului
  • Prăjituri de post cu nucă, prăjituri de post cu mere sau cu gem, clătite de post, gogoși de post - toate pot fi preparate și gustate în această perioadă
  • A început Postul Paștelui, cel mai


  • Prajiturile sunt rasfaturi dulci pe care le adoram cu totii
  • Prajiturile de cofetarie sau cele de casa par uneori complicate si greu de pregatit, dar eu v-am pregatit aici o selectie de 10 retete de prajituri simple si rapide pentru incepatori dintre cele mai delicioase prajituri de casa publicate pe divainbucatarie.
  • Daca va intrebati cu ce prajitura sa va primiti prietenii, ce sa duceti la

Prajituri de casa . 30 de retete de prajituri ca la

  • Mod de preparation Prajitura Boema cu crema fina de branzica
  • Se separa albusurile de galbernusuri
  • Albusurile se bat cu un praf de sare apoi cu zaharul si cele 3 linguri de apa rece, pana se inatresc
  • Galbenusurile se freaca cu uleiul apoi se incorporeaza in albusuri
  • Se cerne faina cu cacaoa si praful de copt apoi se incorporeaza cu grija in

Prăjitură de Post cu Cremă de Ciocolată, rețetă de DA: 11 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 69

  • Turnăm ciocolata, amestecăm până se topește și lăsăm crema la răcit 5 minute
  • Adăugăm margarina și lăsăm crema să se răcească complet
  • Vom folosi la bază o foaie portocalie, apoi un strat de cremă, o foaie maro, un strat de cremă, o foaie albă, cremă, foaie albă, cremă și celelalte două foi cu

Prajituri de post: Cele mai gustoase 25 de prajituri de

  • Prajituri de post, ideale mai ales pentru perioada Postului
  • Chiar daca e post, asta nu inseamna ca nu poti pregati pentru intreaga familie “ceva bun”
  • Iata cele mai gustoase prajituri de post, trimise de cititoarele, la rubrica Reteteletale.

Reteta Prajitura cu lamaie si crema caramel (de post) DA: 16 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 76

  • MOD DE PREPARARE RETETA Prajitura cu lamaie si crema caramel (de post): Foi
  • Intr-in vas se amesteca uleiul, apa, zaharul si sucul de rosii pana la topirea completa a zaharului
  • Se adauga bicarbonatul stins cu

Prajitura cu crema de cacao-de post

  • Prajitura cu crema de cacao-de post Chiar daca a inceput postul Craciunului asta nu inseamna ca nu mai putem pregati prajituri la fel de bune si care sa fie de post
  • Am ales de aceasta data sa pregatesc o prajitura de post in care sa folosesc indulcitorul natural Green Sugar
  • Nici nu iti dai seama ca am folosit indulcitor si nu zahar.

De post Retete culinare cu Laura Sava DA: 16 PA: 47 MOZ Rank: 75

  • Scris de catre Laura Sava 25 noiembrie 2020
  • Placinta frageda cu dovleac pe care v-o arat astazi este acea prajitura despre care va povesteam aici, la Prajitura de post cu dovleac si nuci , si care seamana…
  • 2 Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email.

Cele mai bune prăjituri de post DA: 15 PA: 41 MOZ Rank: 69

  • Dacă este post nu înseamnă că trebuie să ne abținem de la micile noastre plăceri nevinovate – dulciurile
  • De aceea, am pregătit pentru voi o listă cu cele mai bune prăjituri pe care le poți consuma cu încredere pe timpul postului
  • Fantezie de ananas Dacă ești fan ananas, atunci trebuie să faci neapărat această părjitură …

Prajitura de post cu crema de ness! Uite cat e de usoara DA: 14 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 78

  • crema: - un pachet de margarina Rama, - o jumatate de borcan de miere, - 6 lingurite pline de ness, - 2 lingurite apa calda, - o lingura de rom

Prăjitura de post cu cremă de vanilie

  • Prăjiturele de post sunt un deliciu, mai ales că a început postul mare şi putem să ne delectăm cu delicioasele dulciuri de post
  • Iată o reţetă de prăjitură de post cu cremă de vanilie, care să vă îndulcească ziua şi să vă binedispună.

Prajitura de POST fara COACERE! Este ieftina, rapida DA: 14 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 80

  • Prajitura Iuliana cu crema, de post! Rapida si delicioasa Preparare: Perele se curata de coaja si se taie in cubulete mici
  • Se adauga peste apa si zaharul care in prealabil le-am pus

Peste 100 retete de prajituri cu Poze si VIDEO DA: 13 PA: 24 MOZ Rank: 54

  • Am ajuns aproape la 100 de retete de prajituri in 10 ani de site si veti gasi aici cele mai bune prajituri de casa, retete traditionale, simple, explicate pe pasi cu poze, multe si cu VIDEO
  • Bineinteles si vestitele Tiramisu, Negrese de tot felul, Prajitura cu mere si alte fructe, Crema de zahar ars, Chocofalnul, etc.

Prajituri de casa , 9 cele mai bune prajituri de casa DA: 10 PA: 31 MOZ Rank: 59

  • Prajitura Parlament face parte din Top 3 cele mai bune prajituri de casa datorita combinatiei nemaipomenite:blat cu nuca prajita ,strat de biscuiti si cele doua creme.Nu va lasati intimidati de numele acestei prajituri,incercati reteta de prajitura Parlament!
  • Aceste 9 retete de prajituri reprezinta doar o parte din cele publicate pe acest blog.Daca esti in cautare de alte retete de prajituri

85 Prajituri de post ideas in 2021 food, desserts, deserts DA: 17 PA: 27 MOZ Rank: 63

  • Apr 27, 2021 - Explore Lucia Nedici's board "Prajituri de post" on Pinterest
  • See more ideas about food, desserts, deserts.

DULCIURI DE POST Diva in bucatarie

  • Deserturi de post – retete dulciuri de post delicioase, simple si usor de pregatit – peste 75 retete de prajituri de post pentru cei care tin postul Pastelui sau Postul Craciunului sau alte perioade de post de peste an – retete vegane.

PRĂJITURĂ CU FOI FRAGEDE (de POST) cu cremă de cocos și DA: 15 PA: 6 MOZ Rank: 42

Cea mai noua reteta : "Plăcintă Dobrogeană / Plăcintă simplă cu brânză dulce și aluat făcut în casă || Dulcinele"

20 retete prajituri de post cu crema de ness

  • Prajitura de post cu crema de ness
  • Dulciuri, Prajituri 300 gr zahar 100 ml ulei coaja rasa de lamaie 300 ml apa zeama de lamaie o lingurita bicarbonat 4 linguri gem acrisor 2 pliculete zahat vanilinat 600 gr faina 300 gr nuci 250 gr margarina 150 gr zahar pudra 4 lingurite de ness

Prajitura frageda cu crema de vanilie DA: 15 PA: 39 MOZ Rank: 77

  • Asamblare Prajitura frageda cu crema de vanilla
  • Aluatul se imparte in doua parti
  • Prima parte de aluat se intinde intr-o foaie dreptunghiulara (forma tavii) se pune in tava unsa si tapetata cu flour
  • add crema de vanilie calda si o intindem in strat uniform pe toata suprafata foii
  • Se intinde a doua parte de aluat si se aseaza usor peste

Prajitura de post cu crema de nuca • DA: 16 PA: 36 MOZ Rank: 76

  • Prajitura de post cu crema de nuca
  • Ingrediente pentru blat: : 250 gr faina, 1 lingurita praf de copt, 60 ml ulei, 150 ml lapte de soia (sau apa minerala), 20 ml suc Fanta, 90gr zahar, 1 praf de sare, 1 lingura zeama de lamaie, 1 fiola esenta de vanilla
  • Ingrediente pentru crema: 150 g miez nuca macinat, 150 g dulceata

Prajitura de post cu doua feluri de crema! Nu ai mancat DA: 14 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 89

  • Aceasta prajitura de post este un deliciu
  • Se prepara usor, din ingrediente simple
  • Ingrediente: 10 linguri sifon (apa minerala), 10 linguri ulei, 10 linguri zahar, 1 lingurita amoniac stins cu otet, 1 lingurita zahar pudra, faina cat cuprinde
  • ingredients crema I: 4-6 linguri nuci tocate marunt (sau macinate), 3-4 linguri gem (gros) caise (ori capsuni, zmeura).

Reteta Prajitura de post cu foi, gem si crema de gris caramel DA: 13 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 89

  • Daca ti-a placut reteta noastra "Prajitura de post cu foi, gem si crema de gris caramel" nu uita sa-i faci un review
  • Pentru fotografii culinare reusite foloseste Nikon D3500
  • I mixed cu mixerul toate ingredientele

Prajitura de post cu crema de nuca

Sa va spun cum mi-a venit ideea de a face aceasta prajitura: am luat reteta pentru crema (care imi place enorm de mult) de la reteta de here Prajitura cu lamaie si crema de nuci cu o modificare, in loc de lapte am pus apa si in loc de unt am pus margarina, am facut o jumatate de portie de crema, iar reteta de blat am luat-o de here Prajitura de post cu ness, cu o modificare, pentru un …

Desert tort cu crema caramel si ananas (de post) - Reteta nr 500 - Rețete

Suntem fani mac!!
Iar cand mi-a cazut sub ochi reteta aceasta din revista Click pentru femei, Capitolul 266, deja deschisesem usa sa plec dupa mac. N-aveam decat un plic de 250g si-mi mai trebuia unul. Hi,hi. plus ca soarele meu, Tudor, e mort dupa prajitura cu mac. Si eram atat de fericita, ca o sa-i fac prajitura preferata si astfel o sa fie si el fericit. Si cand a fost gata, i-am dus victorioasa o bucata. S-a entuziasmat la vederea ei, nu zic nu, dar. dupa prima lingura a zis ca nu-i place ca are "stafii".
Bueei, m-am 'nervat. si cand ma gandesc ca in reteta scrie 300g de stafide si eu am pus doar un plic de 200g, ca mi s-a parut cam mult.
Concluzia: sotul fericit, eu la fel, lu'ala micu'i-am cumparat de la Kaufland, placinta cu mac. Data viitoare o prepar fara nicio "stafie", sa fie clar! : P

For the dough:
1 kg faina Boromir,
4 galbenusuri,
4 linguri de zahar,
600ml lapte,
2 cuburi de drojdie(50g),
60g margarina lichida Unirea,
un praf de sare.

For the filling:
500g mac,
300ml lapte,
200g zahar,
2 oua,
2 sticlute esenta de rom Coseli,
200g stafide.

Aluatul: Amesteci drojdia cu 250ml de lapte caldut, zaharul si un pumn de faina.

Lasi sa screasca timp de 30 de minute, apoi rastorni maiaua peste faina cernuta si framanti cu restul de lapte caldut, margarina lichida sau unt moale puteti folosi, daca vreti, galbenusurile si praful de sare,

pana cand obtii un aluat elastic.Am adaugat si o lingurita de coaja de portocala cu zahar.

Il lasi acoperit, la caldura, pana cand isi dubleaza volumul, aproximativ o ora. E bine sa faci din aluat semnul crucii si sa spui Doamne ajuta!

In timpul acesta speli safidele, le cureti de codite, le usuci-eu le tamponez cu prosoape de hartie- si le lasi la inmuiat in esenta de rom un sfert de ora.

Eu le-am lasat vreo doua ore :P

Macul il macini si il fierbi la foc mic impreuna cu ouale batute si zaharul.

Amesteci din cand in cand pana este absorbit tot laptele. Adaugi stafidele scurse bine,

amesteci, apoi dai compozitia deoparte cand are consistenta unei budinci. Lasi la racit.

Din aluatul crescut faci cinci bile. Le-am cantarit pe fiecare in parte, ca sa fie la fel. Pregatesti o tava pentru cuptor si o tapetezi cu hartie de copt.
Intinzi fiecare bila de aluat cu sucitorul pana ajunge de marimea tavii, un dreptunghi perfect si o asezi frumos in tava.
Imparti si crema in patru boluri, ca sa ai parti egale, astfel rastorni si intinzi primul bol de crema peste primul aluat.

Iar o foaie, iar crema de mac, pana le termini. Ultimul strat trebuie sa fie de mac.
Ultima foaie o tai fasii pe care le asezi in diagonala, deasupra cremei de mac. Ultima foaie am intins-o tare subtire si mi-a mai ramas aluat, asadar am facut niste inimioare si le-am pus peste "gratii" :P

Dai la cuptor aproximativ 35-45 de minute, la 160-170 de grade.

Portionezi cand s-a racit complet.

Aluatul e de cozonac, deci sigur va creste, e pufos si aratos -) Doar grilajul s-a intarit nitel, dar a fost bun si mancat :P

9 comentarii :

Yummy, nu doar ca arata frumos prajitura asta dar cu siguranta este si foarte buna! Si eu iubesc macul )

Ma bucur ca si tu esti fan mac, Paula -) :*

Buna , chiar se coc cele 4 randuri de aluat cu crema?, nusunt crude? mersi

Da, chiar se coc, e aluat de cozonac, iar crema e mai mult mac. Am scris detaliat mai sus, citeste reteta, te rog. Thank you!

Eu vreau asa cu multe "stafii",taaaaaare-mi place!
Ce nostim este strumful tau!
Pup cu drag!

De a dreptul divina :) Si noi suntem fani mac:)) Desi ma ia groaza la gandul sa macin 500 g de mac. ma voi sacrifica totusi:) Banuiesc ca tava nu este prea mare, ce dimensiuni are? Daca o pun intr o tava nepotrivita am stricat prajitureaua(: Multumesc

Ma bucur ca-ti place! Am macinat si eu macul in trei ture, in masina de macinat cafea. Tava de ceramica Delimano are 35x25cm. Spor sa ai!!

Daca o vede fiu meu nu mai am scapare .

Arata foarte bine si nici nu-i asa complicata . Tre" sa-mi fac timp pentru ea!

1. Se amesteca intr-un castron apa cu uleiul si zaharul pana la topirea acestuia.

2. Apoi se adauga faina, cacaoa, esentele si amoniacul

3. Se tapeteaza tava, in cazul meu tavile, se da la cuptor la foc potrivit pana trece testul scobitorii

1. Se pune zaharul la caramelizat intr-o cratita. si se amesteca

2. Se adauga apa fierbinte, aveti grija la pasul asta, ca ies aburi fierbinti si va puteti accidenta

3. Cand apa caramelizata s-a racit se adauga merele si nuca macinata.

4. Apoi faina, amidonul si esenta de care vreti.

5. Trebuie sa iasa un aluat destul de gros, pe care l-am pus, iar in 2 tavi, iar la cuptor, iar cu scobitoarea. and so on.

1. Se caramelizeaza zaharul

2. Se adauga cele 5 linguri cu faina si se amesteca bine de tot

3. Peste compozitia aceasta se adauga apa fierbinte, iar atentie la procedeu, si se da pe foc mic.

4. Se lasa la racit, dupa care se adauga margarina cubulete, cacaoa, aromele

1. Se pune la fiert sucul cu budinca, amidonul si zaharul

2. Cand compozitia s-a racit, adaugam margarina cubulete

MONTAREA tortului de post:

1. blat de cacao insiropat

3. blat de mere, insiropat cu sirop de rom, normal

Good appetite! Reteta tortului de post a fost propusa pe forum de alina-lili

Desert tort cu crema caramel si ananas (de post) - Reteta nr 500 - Rețete

Asa cum v-am promis zilele trecute, am revenit cu reteta de tort. Tortul delicios de la aniversarea noastra, pe care l-am papat fuguta:)

A fost un tort facut in casa, cu ingrediente proaspete si cu multa dragoste!

  • pentru blat: 8 oua, 8 linguri de zahar, 8 linguri de faina, 1/2 pachet praf de copt, 2 lingurite otet, 2 plicuri zahar vanilat
  • pentru crema: 300 ml lapte dulce, 3-4 linguri faina, 2 plicuri zahar vanilat, coaja si zeama de la o lamaie mare, 1/2 pachet margarina, 8 linguri de zahar
  • pentru decor si umplutura: ananas cuburi, frisca, mure, lapte (sau sirop).

Am separat albusurile de galbenusuri.

Albusurile le-am batut spuma cu zaharul, am adaugat galbenusurile, praful de copt stins in otet, zaharul vanilat si faina.

Am turnat compozitia intr-o tava rotunda si am copt blatul. Il verificam daca e gata cu scobitoarea.

(Pentru o culoare deosebita a blatului va recomand ouale de tara, care sunt mai galbene)

Am pus intr-un vas laptele, coaja de lamaie, zaharul vanilat si zaharul si am amestecat pana s-a topit. Am pus apoi vasul de foc, am adaugat faina si am omogenizat bine sa nu faca cocoloase.

Amestecam continuu pana devine consistenta ca o budinca.

Am luat vasul de pe foc, am adaugat margarina si zeama de lamaie. Dupa ce am omogenizat bine crema, lasam 30 de minute la loc racoros.

Am taiat blatul in 3 felii.

L-am insiropat cu lapte (folositi sirop daca doriti), am pus pe fiecare felie crema si ananas.

Pe ultima felie am pus frisca, am decorat [sa zicem oarecum frumos:))] cu frisca si pe margini si deasupra am asezat murele (culese chiar de noi).

Din lipsa de prea multa inspiratie am facut un '2' pe tort, simbolul anilor aniversati:) Asta asa, in loc de lumanarele:)

Tortul a fost delicios, l-am servit receee! Langa un pahar cu sampanie, bineinteles!

Desert tort cu crema caramel si ananas (de post) - Reteta nr 500 - Rețete

It took:
-750 gr. flour
-1 cana de lapte
-5 linguri de zahar
-drojdie cat o nuca (cam 40 de gr.)
-3 oua
-1 unt
-1 galbenus de ou pentru uns cozonacii
-putin unt pentru uns tava
-500 gr. nuca
-zahar cat de dulce doriti sa fie ( eu am pus cam 200 grame)
-400 gr. zahar
-150 gr. butter
-300 ml. smantana pentru frisca(30 % grasime)

Method of preparation:
It took:
1. Amestecam usor ingredientele uscate, adaugam apoi laptele caldut in care am dizolvat drojdia si apoi ouale usor batute si amestecate cu untul topit.
2.Framantam totul bine pana ne rezulta un aluat elastic, pufos si potrivit de moale.
3.Il lasam la dospit cam 30-40 de minute.

*Intre timp pregatim caramelul asa:
4.Punem zaharul intr-o craticioara la foc mediu amestecand ocazional cu o spatula.
5.Cand incepe sa se inchida la culoare, incepem sa il amestecam de la margine catre mijlocul cratitei pentru a evita arderea lui.Continuam sa lasam pe foc pana pana toate bucatile de zahar se topesc, dar avem grija sa nu il caramelizam prea tare, doar pana culoarea incepe sa devina una aurie si amestecul foarte fluid.

Cristina's world

Reteta de fata este rezultatul unei povesti ce a durat mai bine de un an. Mi-am dorit foarte mult sa detin si eu o matrita de fonta pentru nuci. Am cautat pe la toate neamurile si cunostintele sa vad daca cineva detine o astfel de matrita, insa nu am avut noroc. Am trecut la intrebari si rugaminti pe forumuri si am cautat aceasta matrita pe internet. Am gasit pe okazii, cu preturi intre 150 si 250 lei. Cat de mult mi-as fi dorit matrita asta, n-as fi dat atatia bani pe ea. Salvarea a venit vara trecuta din trei locuri: Bucuresti, Fetesti si Cernavoda. Cu uimire si bucurie am aflat ca matrita (noua!) nu costa mai mult de 30 lei, ba chiar la Fetesti pretul era de 25 lei.
In momentul de fata sunt mandra posesoare a doua matrite pentru coji de nuci si a doua matrite pentru faguri :D
Acum, daca aveam matritele mult visate, am inceput cautarile pentru retete. Am incercat multe retete pana sa ajung la cea prezentata azi. M-am gandit ca orice reteta de fursecuri ce contine multa grasime e buna pentru cojile de nuci si prima data am facut nuci cu coca de la Cornuletele fragede cu untura, a la Diana si le-am umplut cu crema de lamaie.

Au iesit foarte bune (pun reteta in viitorul apropiat), insa nu era ce cautam eu, asa ca am continuat cu experimentele.
Am gasit o alta reteta pe internet. Rezultatul a iesit bine, dar tot nu era ce cautam. Crema a fost de ciocolata, iar din coca respectiva am facut si faguri. Voi posta si aceasta reteta in viitorul apropiat.

Si uite asa am ajuns la reteta de azi. Este exact ce cautam si am gasit-o in revista Practic in bucatarie nr.4/2007. Din ingredientele de mai jos mi-au iesit 153 de nuci.
Ingrediente aluat:
- 200g margarina
- 200g untura
- 8 linguri de apa
- 7 linguri de zahar
- 2 oua
- 1 plic praf de copt
- 1kg faina
Ingrediente crema:
- 4 pahare zahar (800g)
- 400g unt
- 2 oua
- 100g nuci macinate
Intr-un bol incapator am pus margarina moale, untura si zaharul si am amestecat bine.

Apoi am adaugat ouale, apa si praful de copt si iar am amestecat.

La urma am adaugat faina lingura cu lingura.

Nu necesita framantat mult, doar cat sa inghita toata faina si sa se dezlipeasca de bol. In acest stadiu am scos coca pe masa si am chemat ajutoare.

Am lasat-o sa framante coca vreo 10 minute dar nu pentru ca era necesar ci pentru ca am vazut ca-i place :D Asta se numeste exploatare? : D
Asa arata coca la final:

Acum trebuiau forrmate bilute mici de coca ce apoi se coc pe ochiul de la aragaz in matrita speciala. Pentru operatiunea asta am chemat in ajutor si capul familiei. La trei perechi de maini, am transformat in bilute mici cat o cireasa bucata de coca obtinuta, in aproximativ 30 minute.

O data ce bilutele au fost gata, am trecut la copt. Prima data am incalzit bine formele, apoi treaba a mers unsa.

Cojile de nuca nu trebuie coapte foarte mult timp. Prind culoare frumoasa, foarte asemanatoare cu nucile reale.
Crema de caramel cu nuci este cea mai buna crema din lume! M-am indragostit de ea! Se face foarte usor.
Am fost curioasa cat cantareste un pahar cu zahar (bineinteles ca am cantarit prima data paharul gol, am pus cantarul pe zero si apoi am pus zaharul).

Untul moale l-am frecat cu doua pahare de zahar (400g) si ouale cu ajutorul mixerului. Zaharul ramas l-am topit intr-o craticioara, la foc mic.

Dupa ce zaharul s-a topit, am dat craticioara la o parte de pe foc si am turnat compozitia de unt, zahar si oua peste zaharul topit si am amestecat repede si energic.

Am pus crema obtinuta iar pe foc mic si am lasat-o sa fiarba, amaestecand mereu, pana cand s-a ingrosat . Am adaugat nucile macinate, am amestecat si am lasat crema sa se raceasca.

Cu crema racita am umplut cojile de nuca si le-am lipit doua cate doua.
Nucile astea nu le-am pudrat cu zahar pentru ca sunt destul de dulci.
Din pacate poze cu "productia la hectar" nu am din cauza ca am omis acest lucru.
Am doar poze cu sectiune.
UPDATE 25.01.2013: mai multe poze cu acest preparat gasiti daca apasati aici:

Acum urmeaza cateva concluzii si sfaturi:
- incepeti pregatirea nucilor cu cateva zile, chiar o saptamana inaintea evenimentului la care vreti sa le serviti. Desi nu sunt greu de facut, sunt foarte migaloase.
- cojile de nuci se pastreaza foarte bine intr-un bol cu capac si pot astepta cateva zile pana la umplere
- nucile umplute tin foarte multa vreme daca sunt pastrate in camara, la rece, intr-un bol acoperit cu capac sau intr-o punga de hartie. La mine au rezistat foarte bine, fara sa se altereze si fara sa se inmoaie sau sa-si schimbe gustul, doua saptamani pana s-au mancat toate.
- este un desert foarte apreciat si sigur va avea succes

Desert tort cu crema caramel si ananas (de post) - Reteta nr 500 - Rețete

Asadar am cumparat o cutie de Paradis tropical cu ananas - care contine 12 biscuiti tip Petit Beure, un plic de praf pentru crema, unul de glazura si o forma speciala din carton cerat. Apoi am mai folosit 200 ml smantana, 200 ml iaurt (din greseala era cu fructe, nu simplu, dar prajitura nu a avut de suferit, dimpotriva), o conserva mare de ananas, 50 g unt, apa rece.

Mai intai am taiat ananasul in bucatele mici si le-am pus intr-o strecuratoare.
Apoi am urmat instructiunile de pe cutie, adica am sfaramat biscuitii si i-am amestecat si omogenizat bine cu 7 linguri de suc de ananas din conserva fiert cu cele 50 g de unt. Dupa aceea am intins compozitia pe suprafata formei de tort (24 cm), iar forma am pus-o direct pe un platou rotund. Mi-ar fi placut sa iasa acest biscuite ceva mai gros, dar pt concurs a trebuit sa folosesc exact reteta de pe pachet.

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